Happy February Rocky Point…The weather is starting to warm up a bit and I can already hear the loads of fun-seeking people loading up their cars for their spring break vacations to our beautiful beach town. One of the even more amazing facts we can see is the people loading up their cars permanently and relocating south of the border to Rocky Point. Each month that passes, I am always meeting new full-time residents that are taking advantage of lower cost housing, lower food costs, an abundance of fun adventures to embrace, a kick back lifestyle and, best of all, coming for our world-renowned beaches that are simply sensational. With the port and cruise ships around the corner, it is exciting to see all the progress throughout the city and the constant change that this progress brings to us.

And speaking of progress, the STEPS OF LOVE Amores Benefit Golf Tournament is getting very close. Steps of Love is a non-profit organization formed specifically to help the emergency shelters for children in Rocky Point and Sonoita. These CAREdashians donate so much of their time to ensuring that the children are fed, clothed and in a safe and happy environment. Sombreros off to Kathleen Duncan and Jennifer Jermaine for their tireless efforts for these children who are desperately in need of YOU and I to help them.

On Saturday March 13, they have organized a golf tournament at Las Palomas Resort to raise the much needed money for the shelters. The shotgun starts at 8 am and another group at 1pm…so you early birds (uh, not me in Mexico) can get a jump on the fun in the early, and those of us (yep, my hand is raised) that tend to need a little more time coming to life in Mexico, can sign up for the 1pm start. The cost is $150usd…keep in mind, the golf, fun times and new friends you are bound to meet but most of all, YOU will be making a difference by helping our children and there is no better way of showing this than signing up and becoming one of the CAREdashians! To do so, simply call Jen at (480) 420 8141 or log on at www.stepsoflove.org/amor-for-amores-2106. There will be a cocktail hour to follow at 5:30 to celebrate the children and award the prizes. There are several HOLE IN ONE Prizes…Holes 11 and 15 have $5,000 prizes and hole 17 has a $10,000 prize…now that would be way cool!!! Whether you are single or have a golf partner, you are ALL welcome and we would love to see you there! There will be a silent auction as well in the lobby of the Las Palomas Golf Club so you non-golfers can come over and bid as well for the prizes and be sure to join us for the cocktail hour…it’s sure to be a smash! Additionally, if you would like to help in any way, whether it is volunteering some time, donating a prize for the silent auction or you have a creative idea to help out, please call or email at the contact information above. Lastly, please keep the children in your prayers to ensure they receive all of their needs…especially OUR care!

I cannot wait to see you all at the golf course and on the beach here in Rocky Point! Until next month, my friends, break out your party hats ‘cause SPRING BREAK is almost upon us and that sure is reason to put a little extra bounce in our step. And…please remember what Og Mandino has said…”Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again!”.

In the end, kindness always wins!!!