Congratulations to our friends from Tekila Bar & Restaurant who are celebrating their one year anniversary on October 2nd…and oh, what a year it has been! From their humble beginnings in a shell of a building in August of 2015, they transformed the building into one of the finest restaurant and most happening bars in Rocky Point. Hats off to owners Jorge and Jerry Gaona for making the past year, A YEAR TO REMEMBER!

If you have never been to Tekila Bar & Restaurant, it has become a “Rocky Point Must See Destination”. Tekila Bar is located in the Malecon a few blocks down from the bend that takes you into Old Port where the fresh shrimp and seafood vendors are located, on the left side of the street. It’s two levels have a varied level of fun and it makes for a cool afternoon or evening to easily navigate through the different levels and bars. If you want a more club vibe, then Tanya and company will help to transform your day or night into a fun experience with their lively banter, cool tunes and specialty libations. On the second floor, you can either sit on the balcony which overlooks some amazing views of our Sea of Cortez, sit in the dining area for some tasty treats, grab a frosty one at the bar or dance your night away to the live bands that regularly entertain the patrons at Tekila Bar.

One of my favorite events on the second level is hosted by the one and only, Shayna Sargent. Shayna has been bartending at Tekila Bar since its opening and always brings her charismatic, fun-loving spirit to her clientele. When you go in, be sure and ask for her “Domino Show” which essentially is a pyramid of glasses filled with various liqueurs and juices and are stacked on one another and after she creates her tower, she clinks one of the glasses which drops into the other and so on and so on. As the drinks fall into the other on down the line, they make a color explosion of fluorescent green which essentially mixes the beverage creating a round of drinks for your whole crew. I have videoed her in action a few times and the reaction from the bar and restaurant is always the same…whooping, cheering, smiling and laughing! Thank you Miss Shayna for the incredible entertainment…you help to make so many of us have an amazing experience out on the town!

Near and dear to my heart is the Tekila Bar & Restaurant’s BIG HEARTS to those in need. They have collected and personally donated thousands of dollars to local families in need after unthinkable tragedies have struck their lives. As I write about in many of my articles, EACH of us has the POWER to make a difference in our world today and help to make it a better place. The folks at Tekila Bar truly embrace that spirit and have made and continue to make an impact to those in need in our community. I am SO PROUD of all of you and please continue to make a difference in the lives of others. It only takes one person to start an energy flow to make a positive impact on another. AWESOME JOB!!!

So, I say to all the friends and family at Tekila Bar & Restaurant, CONGRATULATIONS on an AMAZING YEAR and thank you for the fun memories! We look forward to so many more to come. As e.e. Cummings has said, “For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea.” So come to the sea, come to Rocky Point and stop on into the Tekila Bar and see what all the fun is about! I promise you, it shall be a day to remember. Oh, and be sure to ask for the “Marco Especial”…!!!

Happy October everyone…may the best be yours to come!