If you are looking for something new and fun to do in Rocky Point, look no further than the ultra-light airplanes that take off regularly from Sandy Beach. Recently, my buddy Ray Macco, who was visiting from New Jersey, and I decided to give the planes a try. I had been apprehensive over the years as they always looked somewhat intimidating and dangerous. However, I got through the nervous thoughts and headed on down Sandy Beach where Paseo De Las Lunas (the main drag on Sandy Beach) and the road to Wrecked at the Reef meet.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Alberto Gutierrez Martinez, the pilot and operator of one of the businesses that flies the ultra-lights. Alberto is a funny man who loves to fly. He has been flying ultra-lights for the past 12 years and the past 5 year’s right here in Rocky Point. Alberto is originally from Chiapas but lives in Rocky Point today with his wife and children. Although no license is needed to fly the planes, Alberto exuded much confidence putting us at ease. We negotiated two rides for $35 each with each ride lasting about 15 minutes. The ultra- lights work with the pilot sitting in front and one passenger in the back behind the pilot. The pilot mans all the controls of the plane and the passenger is just along for the enjoyment of the open air ride.

I was the first to volunteer to go between Ray and I. So, I strapped on my helmet, jumped on back and after a few pulls of the engine, the motor roared to a start. We fastened our seat belts in and off we went. I was immediately at ease as the views were simply spectacular. We first headed out over Cholla Bay and then over to Laguna Del Mar golf course. The colors of the sea were amazing from high up. Turquoise, light blue and deep blue’s contrasting with the browns and oranges of the sun and desert all made for some amazing photos. Kudos to the golfers who cheered us on as we flew past them. We then circled back over Sandy Beach and headed down past the condos on the beach. It was so cool to see a “high level” view of all of the resorts. Alberto livened things up with a few dips down which felt very similar to a roller coaster ride.

Our ultra-light adventure was the highlight to another fun week in Rocky Point! I would highly recommend considering a ride in the near future. The price is cheap yet the thrill is something that will last a lifetime. I look forward to going up again in the near future. When you head out to see Alberto, tell him that Marco sent you from The Rocky Point Times…he assured us he would give you a good deal. Until next month, keep your smile bright and as Michelle Held was quoted, “Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach”. So stay young my friends and I look forward to seeing you at the beach in our awesome city, Rocky Point. ADIOS AMIGOS!!!