Rocky Point Times Photo Contest 🙂

Feliz Marzo to everyone…especially everyone who signed up for Shave the Whale boat extravaganza. As I write this article, I am getting ready for an, “ALL ABOARD” the Eco Fun Boat to join in the fun times. As a repeat client and whale watcher, I can truly say…it is a blast and an awesome way to meet new friends, hang with our current friends and see the amazing whales and sights right here in our sea! Ahhhh, March my favorite month of all in Rocky Point…the start of SPRING BREAK!!! And this “season” usually lasts a couple months long with all the different spring break times throughout Mexico and the USA. I look forward to seeing you all doing a little jig, a shot and a 69 song to celebrate the season!

Well, the 2021 ROCKY POINT TIMES PHOTO CONTEST came to a conclusion this past month. Thank you for all of the entries into the contest. Some of them were downright hysterical and I again had to draw on some esteem members (ok, a few fun folks we met around town) of the community to help choose the winners this year. There were a couple entries that were really good but came with no name or phone # and I did try to respond a few times to gather the info, but there was no reply. But, we still had plenty of winning photos come in. Thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to enter…As Mia Hamm has been quoted, “The person that said winning isn’t everything, never won anything.”

Thank you so much to our fine friends from Manny’s Beach Club, Encantame Towers and Tekila Bar who donated and sported some super cool gift baskets for our winners. Please remember to thank our sponsors and go see them for a meal or a cocktail or even better…go buy a condo at Encantame Towers and be our neighbor forever! And now the drum roll please…

            3rd place…Renee Gerard from Sedona!!!

            2nd place…Michelle Jennings from Scottsdale!!!

            1st place and our Grand Prize Winner goes to…Mary Ann Appleton from Playa Encanto right here in Rocky Point!!!

Congratulations to all of our lucky winners. I sincerely wish everyone is staying safe and healthy. Hopefully, our music festivals and concerts return to us soon. Even without these though, you can always catch a cool band playing around town anywhere…just ask Hey Hey Hey Zeus (Jesus) over at Banditos :).

Be good Rocky Point and always remember, life is like looking for your phone…most of the time, it’s right there in your hand!