25th Anniversary June 6-9 😊!!!

Feliz Marzo Rocky Point!!! Welcome to the FUN TIMES ahead for Rocky Point as we blow into Spring Break season. The weather has been mild and as usual, we start to see warmer days as we make our way into Spring which should just be fabuloso once again! Since spring is coming, I decided to do some spring cleaning a little early this year and cleaned out SO MUCH of my “time capsule” in my lockouts in the condo. It was amazing to see 18 years of memories from when my kids Zack and Via were so young growing up enjoying our sunny shores. But it was great to pass so much of it along to others who may be in need of the items and a great refreshing start to the new year…so… it’s a great time to start your own spring cleaning and be sure to share what you no longer use or need. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…or is it the other way around? Well, hopefully you get the picture…refresh and regift!

We truly are all blessed to have had so many years of Circus Mexicus in Rocky Point and can you believe this year that we all will be celebrating 25 years of such an amazing, fun event that just seems to grow into something more special with each passing year?!  Special kudos to Tony Ballesteros and David Majure for their artistic photography provided here for the article. They truly can capture the magic in their photos. Recently, I sat down with Roger Clyne of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers and Greg Ross for a chat about the history of the event and what it means to connect and play for their faithful audiences year after year.

Marco~ Wow 25 years, that’s just incredible. Can you tell us how it all started?

Roger~ I was with the Refreshments and things were going well but then our record label dropped us, and the band unfortunately broke up. I got the Peacemaker’s together and was going around to various bars and restaurants in town in an attempt to put together a concert. After several attempts, we popped into Sunset Cantina across from the Peñasco del Sol Hotel and they really didn’t have a stage but improvised and built a stage with pallets on the roof and with 2 weeks’ notice, we were booked and the concert was on. The first year there were about 200 rowdy revelers, and it was a blast.

Marco~ Wow, I am getting older… I remember going to see my first RCPM show there. How many years was Circus Mexicus held at Sunset Cantina?

Roger~ Somewhere between 3 and 5 years. From there, we moved onto Baja Cantina for a few years as I recall.

Marco~ What was your draw to Rocky Point and why did you want to start Circus Mexicus here in Rocky Point?

Roger~ Well, my mother and father used to come down to Rocky Point when I was just a kid, and they would love to go scuba diving and spearfishing in the sea and we would camp on the beach here. As I got older, my friends and I would spend our high school spring breaks in Rocky Point. I have so many fond memories from my teens and late 20’s. It seems we have gone from the Wild West to a sophisticated beach resort destination, and I am proud to see and be part of the changes.

Marco~ How have you seen it grow over the years?

Roger~ We have an Event Manager Greg Ross who handles our bookings, merchandise, tequila brand…

Greg~ We really aim to make the event always inclusive, celebratory and accessible and really try to focus on the experience of Circus Mexicus.

Roger~ So true, last year we had ticket sales from people from 38 different states who helped to spread our footprint all over Peñasco to the 10 venues that the event has grown to. And this year, look for some surprises on Friday and Saturday around town😊!

Marco~ Oh, I will keep my eyes peeled…or maybe unpeeled so I can see 😊.

Who are the members of Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers?

Roger~ The members of the band are Roger Clyne, our drummer P.H. Naffah, on bass we have Nick (Frank) Cropos and on guitar we have Jim Dalton.

Marco~ Nice! How did you get your flavor for music for Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers?

Roger~ Well, I am the son of son of a rancher, and I grew up with a hybrid of music like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline. In my teens I was listening to New Wave and Punk Rock bands like the Sex Pistols and Psychedelic Furs. I was also into Bruce Springsteen and Bob Marley, so it was definitely a mix.

Marco~ Cool, I am pretty much the same way………. A diverse liking of many music types…front to back! Where are some of the other places you perform around the west?

Roger~ The Lion’s Den in Pinetop, in the valley… The Van Buren, The Crescent Ball Room, Talking Stick Arena… We do 120 shows a year around the U.S. and Mexico so we are very busy. We have a van and trailer that we take around to our gigs and for our longer trips we lease a tour bus.

Marco~ I bet you have some great stories from the road trips! I have been hearing a lot about your tequila. Please tell me more.

Roger~ Well, our tequila brand in Mexico is called Mexican Moonshine for the moonlight in Mexico and the buzz of tequila. In the U.S., it is called Cancion. It was originally sold in JJ’s and Manny’s but now is widely available due to its growing popularity. It is actually made in Tequila, Mexico.

Marco~ Why do you think it has grown so much and been successful?

Roger~ We believe it is quality versus quantity. I fell in love with tequila at a very young age. Now our tequila has won several contests with silver and gold medals over the years.

Marco~ Well, I need to go grab me some today… and round up my troupes! Tell me, what song has the most significance to you?

Roger~ Definitely from the Refreshments it would be Mekong…it is a song about loneliness and the celebration of life and community. With Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, it would be Native Heart… Viva love!

Marco~ Why do you think you and the band have just become more and more popular over the years and have truly become Rocky Point icons?

Greg~ Well, that is a mystery he doesn’t want to crack. He knows his fans and the band really works on new songs over and over until they realize it is the best that they can do with the song……it truly is a labor of love. Doing what you love really shows!

Marco~ I’ll say! Everyone should be passionate about what they do, otherwise it is most likely a good time to move on and find something that rocks your world. How much longer do you think you will be singing and touring with the band?

Roger~ So many more years………as long as they still want us. We now have released over 130 songs without the new records coming out.

Marco~ Impressive for sure. How do people know where you are playing next and how can we find out about tickets for the upcoming Circus Mexicus from June 6-9?

Greg~ All of our tour information is on the website rogerclyneandthepeacemakers.com and for ticket information for Circus Mexicus just simply go onto circusmexicus.net.

Marco~ Straight away I’ll be there 😊. Who are some of your favorite bands that will be playing during Circus Mexicus?

Roger~ Well, I am really excited that Chuck Prophet who I met about a year and half ago is coming down for the festivities this year. He is one of the best American songwriters of all time! I also look forward to hearing Miles Nielsen, Rested Heart and the Black Moods.

Marco~ Anything else you would like your fans to know about you, Roger?

Roger~ THANK YOU ROCKY POINT for making me part of the community and welcomed so often for so long!!!

Thank you, Roger and Greg, I would say go break a leg but I did that last year and it was not that fun… talk about the Master of Disaster! When it was over, I wanted to burn my scooter but like the article started out, we need to pass our unwanted items along to those in need!! I really look forward to Circus Mexicus again this year and you never know who may be bartending shirtless again 😊. One thing about good music…when it hits you, you feel no pain! Here’s to a fun-filled week of amazing music, spirits and friendship!