Feliz Septiembre Rocky Point! Wow, what a whirlwind month it has been for me and sorry again to the bosses on me being a hair late with this article. I have been busy with some traveling over the last month or so………In July, my son Zack and buddy Tomas went to Amsterdam and then onto Prague…..what wonderful places! It was great to meet up with old friends in Holland that we had met in Aruba as well as my family that lives all around Prague and Slovakia. If you have never been to Prague, put it on your bucket list! The architecture, people and abundance of things to do were amazing. Additionally, it was wonderful to get a break from the hot temperatures and I went to a best friend’s birthday celebration at the Jersey Shore. The beaches were really nice and the weather was fantastic and as always……….it is great to meet up with old friends! As of this writing, I am hearing about a possible hurricane coming near town, but it appears it will be more aimed at southern California but we should see some high winds per the forecast. Hopefully, it is not too troublesome for us all. Fingers crossed, front to back!

I got the pleasure to meet up with a long time friend recently Steven Vollaro. You will usually see him around town with his beautiful wife, Nicole Hickey. If you do not know them, please introduce yourself to them……. You will be sure glad you did as they are some of the nicest people in town. Hence, I thought it would be a grand idea for us all to get to know Steven Vollaro!

Marco~ Hello, Steven. Welcome to the jungle, no seriously relax and chill and we are going to get to know you a tad better. Tell me a little about where you are from and how you made it down to Rocky Point.

Steven~ Well, I am from Brooklyn, New York but I have been out west for many decades. Nicole is from Vancouver, Canada and has been living in Arizona and Mexico for about 18 years. Nicole and I met about that time 18 years ago while working for a seminar company and we fell in love and started dating.

Marco~ Awwww, and look at you now? Still so happy! When was the first time you came down to Rocky Point?

Steven~ It was the mid 80’s and it was just a little town back then. I really liked it a lot and knew I would return often. About 15 years ago, Nicole and I began renting a condo at Bella Sirena to see how well we liked it. We ended up buying a 2 bedroom condo there about 12 years ago and now own a 2 bedroom condo at Encantame Towers on Encanto Beach and I love it there!

Marco~ Yes, it seems to be a popular place these days! And the new towers, Encantame Soleil has broken ground. Things are really popping up all over! What do you like best about Encantame Towers?

Steven~ Encantame is more of a destination vacation. It is more secluded and a seems to have a little bit more sense of community because we are a bit more out of town. The facility is state of the art with all the pools, lazy rivers, restaurants and other amenities. It just really seems like home to me.

Marco~ Wow, sounds like you found a winner, just like Miss Nicole! What are some of the things you two like to do when you are in Rocky Point?

Steven~ Definitely golfing and taking walks with Nicole along the beach. I love the sunsets and going out to dinner and to party with my good friends like you all around town.

Marco~ But of course! We do have some fun…… we are definitely missing our shame chip 😊. What are some of your favorite restaurants around town?

Steven~ I seem to find myself at Capone’s the most and I really love Pan Y Vino and Mar Blu. The view at Pan Y Vino is spectacular and the food prepared by Chef Luca is amazing.

Marco~ Yes it certainly is…….. I remember going to Tutti Santi in Scottsdale just to eat his food, amazing that we have him here in town! So, what do you do for work when you’re not hanging at the beach?

Steven~ Nicole and I design and sell pools for Presidential Pools in Arizona. I have been doing it for about 20 years and Nicole has been selling about 7 years. I love helping people create a perfect backyard environment!

Marco~ Yes, I have seen some of your designs in person…….amazing! How would someone reach you if they were interested in a pool?

Steven~ My cell is 480 227 1034 and Nicole is at 415 328 0331.

Marco~ How often do you come down to Rocky Point?

Steven~ About 2 or 3 times a month, so overall, about ½ the time I am in Rocky Point. The other half of the time I am at my other home in Verrado.

Marco~ That’s a great location when you are traveling to Rocky Point! That takes about an hour off the trip compared to those in Phoenix or Tucson. Anything else you would like our readers to know about Steven or Nicole?

Steven~ Well I am a private pilot and I used to be a personal development trainer as well as a harness horse racing driver. Nicole has a medical degree and has worked as a lab technician. She likes golfing and we have adopted a 3-legged dog we got in Mexico and name him Joe. Nicole loves her friends in Mexico and loves hanging out with them.

Marco~ Thank you so much for your time Steven! Here’s to much continued happiness to you and Nicole. I can surely say, when you meet Steven and Nicole you will know what friendship is all about 😊!

So here’s to another amazing month at the beach. I wish everyone a safe and happy Labor Day and September. I look forward to spending more time in town as it really has been quite a journey with my recent vacation plans. So, here’s to you, here’s to us and most of all, here’s to ROCKY POINT!!!