Feliz Abril Rocky Point! Well, the weather certainly was nice over the last month as of this writing……. Nice and cool days and jackets and ponchos at night. When you are sweating in August remember those cool days and nights and that yes, we actually do get 4 seasons even at the beach. Now that April is upon us, it will be amazing weather for several months and we can start layering down back to our swim attire, tank tops and flip flops…….I can smell the sun tan lotion already! Time to liven it up for some FUN and speaking of FUN, I know a few peeps in town that always seem to be where the fun is at and are enjoying life to its fullest! One of those gals is the one and only Kimmy Johnson whom I would suspect many of you know from around town. Kimmy is always a load of chuckles and spreads her goodwill and cheer to all around her. Soooooooooo, I thought it would be a cool idea to sit down with Miss Kimmy so we can all get to know her a little better!

Marco: Hola, Kimmy! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Tell us a little about yourself…….where are you from?

Kimmy: I was born in Minnesota and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. I had a wonderful time with many friends and a good family.

Marco: When was your first time to Rocky Point and how did you start coming down from Arizona?

Kimmy: I have been coming to Rocky Point since I was 16 years old, and we used to camp out in tents near what was The Reef. Sandy Beach was desolate at the time, but it was always really fun and I could not wait to return. In my 20’s we would come down several times a year and would frequent Manny’s and the Pink Cadillac.

Marco: I do remember that…..fun times! What are your favorite things to do in Rocky Point?

Kimmy: I love listening to all the live music and going to see all the bands in town especially the local bands. As the seasons change, I like to try different things like whale watching in the winter, and when it is warmer, I love snorkeling and other outdoor activities like parasailing.

Marco: Yes, we do have some fun events! I love the Shave, the Whale tour that our buddy Shayna puts on each year…always a hoot and a half! What are your favorite hangouts in town?

Kimmy: I would say Manny’s Beach Club, Tequila Bar, Boo Bar and Banditos. Again, I love the live music and meeting so many new people who become my friends from Mexico both north and south of the border. Manny’s is also dog friendly so you can spot me there often with my favorite pooch, Paris. The staff at the bars become friends and family to me and are always so welcoming and know you by name whether you are a longtime patron or have been there just a couple times. I would also highly recommend grabbing some friends and doing the tequila tasting tour at Tequila Factory. It is an awesome time and a lot of fun, and the tequila is made locally in Peñasco.

Marco: Yes, everyone is always so kind around town and I always love to see Paris……the dog with the painted pink paw nails 😊! And, YES the tequila tasting is a scream. I am pretty sure I got the BOA there a time or two. How about restaurants…what are some of your faves?

Kimmy: There are so many to choose from, but I love Pane e Vino and the hangover breakfast at the Pink Cadillac. I really like going to MOO for the steaks and exotic drinks and the fried fish at Boo Bar. The taco stands around town are also amazing especially the carne asada outside of Banditos and the tacos in the barrio. A lot of times we just barbeque at the park I live in and hang out with friends.

Marco: What do you do for work Kimmy?

Kimmy: I have been selling window treatments for the last 24 years! I recently have expanded my business to Rocky Point and have helped design several homes and condos around town. I love what I do and making people’s house a HOME!

Marco: For sure, I know because I have used you twice and loved the finished product. You can find Kimmy on Instagram at Kimmydesignsblinds! Any recent additions to Rocky Point that you love?

Kimmy: Yes, Diego’s Tiki Bar. I love the fried vegetables and the view is awesome.

Marco: For sure, really cool place adjacent to the Esmeralda Resort 😊. What do you see for Rocky Point’s future?

Kimmy: I do like to see the growth and added amenities that we get each year especially that the growth creates more income and jobs for the local economy.

Marco: Thank you so much for your time, Kimmy and for those that do not know Kimmy, please do yourself a favor and introduce yourself to her. She’s a hoot and you will have a friend for life!

Well, that was some great insight into our town and fun ideas from a seasoned part-time resident and life-long vacationer to Rocky Point. I would definitely agree with her that the staff at the restaurants and bars around town are the kindest people around and they have become like family to me as well. I sincerely hope that everyone’s Spring Break is going well and best wishes for a safe and happy Semana Santa!