Cabo Vs. Rocky Point!!!

Feliz Abril Rocky Point. I hope everyone is enjoying the fantastic spring weather and of course my favorite time………SPRING BREAK in Rocky Point! The town sure has been jumping with college and high school kids and families from all over America. The array of license plates seen around town truly show how far some of them traveled to be here. After a fun-filled week in Aruba, I returned for a week only to head out for Spring Break in Cabo San Lucas and met up with several friends from my high school and my college days as well as meeting up with my daughter, Via Maria who was on Spring Break from TCU. There were around 200 TCU students there for the celebration so not only was it great to see Via, but it was also fun to see all of her friends enjoying their much-needed break. So, I thought it would be a cool idea to highlight some of the differences from Cabo to Rocky Point and choose a winner by category. Sooooooooooooo, here we go… to the beach!

~Weather- Both Rocky Point and Cabo have fantastic weather, however Cabo is some 750 miles south of us (the length of Baja California) which is nearly equivalent of driving from Phoenix to Denver. So, you can imagine it will be a smidge more toasty in Cabo. I have actually been to Cabo in November and could only stay in the lounge chair for about 5 minutes before needing to jump in the pool or ocean. Rocky Point is definitely more temperate throughout the year. Additionally, we really are not in a hurricane zone like Cabo sits. This would make this one an easy call…….Winner……..ROCKY POINT!

~Beaches & Vistas- The views in Cabo especially the iconic “El Arco” or Arch that pokes out of the sea where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez are amazing. It is very mountainous leading up to the sea and ocean creating amazing views of the water from many miles away. Rocky Point definitely has some awesome views as well especially from atop Whale Hill. The beaches and water in both places are fabulous but I would give the nod to Rocky Point for beaches as we have such a vast array of colorful beaches and amazing colored water. So, the Winner………. TIE…… Cabo for the vistas and Rocky Point for the beaches and amazing water.

~Restaurants and Bars- Wow, this is a tough one. Rocky Point has come so far over the last couple decades with an influx of delicious restaurants and fun cantinas to hang out in. Remember when there was just JJ’s Cantina, the Reef and a handful of others? Cabo/San Jose has over 300,000 people….about 4 times the size of Rocky Point. With volume comes more choices and options. Don’t hate me Rocky Point bar owners and restauranteurs but it’s like comparing Phoenix to New York City…….clearly the larger guy wins the battle. I will say hats off to our local business owners who do an outstanding job of making our beach town sensational. Additionally, Rocky Point outweighs the amount of live music in the clubs than Cabo.  Still, it is about the volume………..Winner………….argh……….Cabo.

~Proximity/Ease of Arriving and Departing- Well, people say you should arrive to the airport 2 hours early and 2 and ½ hours early for international flights. So, if you are flying to Cabo, if we add up let’s say 30 minutes to the airport, then 2 and ½ hour wait, then a 2 hour flight, then 30-40 minute car ride into Cabo from the airport, you are over 5 and half hours to your destination and that is if everything goes on schedule. My flight home was delayed an hour which added to this time. Most people in the southwestern USA can make it to Rocky Point in 3 to 4 hours and when you arrive, you have your own car to get around. Additionally, you want to leave later or earlier, no problem……you have your car. Winner…….ROCKY POINT!

~Boating/Fishing/Sail boating- While I was in Cabo, we rented a sailboat and cruised around El Arco and saw the whales breaching out of the water right by our boat. It was truly amazing, and we enjoyed it all, the sights, sounds, whales, bevies, etc! We have almost all of the same in Rocky Point as I have been on many whale watching journeys, fishing trips and sailboat tours but the vast number of upscale yachts and what they have to offer outweigh in Cabo. I guess it’s a volume thing once again……more people, more selection of boats. Winner…………Cabo!

~Traffic/Congestion/Noise- There are a few things that spoil a day at the beach and that’s trying to navigate your way to the beach and get around town. Although, we can have some bottlenecks especially around the Malecon, the traffic and congestion in and around Cabo was heavy. Even navigating through San Jose can be tricky with backups and bumper to bumper traffic. While I was in Cabo, one day the cab drivers blocked the streets to protest the arrival of Uber. You could literally walk faster than the cars were moving on that day. See, it is not always the worst being the smaller fish………Winner……..ROCKY POINT!

Best wishes to all for a super Lenten season and a wonderful Easter and Semana Santa! Be grateful, be giving and most of all, be happy! 🙂


God Bless