Happy New Year and 2016 ROCKY POINT!!! WOO HOO…we have so much to be thankful for…#1 if you are reading this, be thankful you have your life and what a life it is in ROCKY POINT! I sincerely hope everyone had safe travels and had an awesome time over the holidays with friends and family. I know I sure did visiting with family on the East Coast and always enjoying my Mexican family in Rocky Point…those of us that have adopted each other and know in our hearts that we are more than friends…We are FAMILY.
Well, well, well it has been awhile since we had such an awesome new addition to the bar & restaurant and HAPPY HOUR scene in Rocky Point. In October, the TEKILA BAR opened it’s doors across from the Malecon in Old Port. So, I gathered up the gang and headed on over to check out the new bar in town and see what people were already raving about. I never announce myself and most of the time people do not know I am going to do a write up when I am at their establishment as I want the service and atmosphere to be authentic. Upon entering the bar, we were greeted with several warm smiles from the bartenders and employees at the downstairs bar which had the most amazing woodwork as far as the eye could see. We said our hellos and scurried upstairs to check the place out on this particular afternoon, a Saturday afternoon in Rocky Point. For an afternoon and a new bar, the place sure was full of happy revelers and, like always I was thrilled to bump into (literally I think) my buddy Scotty P and his beauty, Miss Cathy P. Like the first floor, the upstairs was all decked out in the most amazing woodwork and to our surprise had a full stage for a band and best yet an amazing balcony overlooking the Malecon and our beautiful Sea Of Cortez! The views from Tekila Bar are just FABULOSO! After a while I met one of the owners of Tekila Bar, Jorge Gaona and sat down with him for a short interview. His passion for his bar, his employees, his customers and his life in general truly made me realize, I will be back…
Marco: Beautiful place you have here and I love the vibe, Jorge. Tell me about you and how you got to this point in your life…
Jorge: I was born in Guanajuato, Mexico but grew up in Orange County, California. I came to Rocky Point 8 years ago and literally knew no one. When I first arrived, I worked security at the Sonoran Sky for almost two years and during this time I knew almost no one in Rocky Point! Then…(smiling) I picked up a night gig as a server at Elixir on Friday and Saturday nights. Later, I got a job at Boo Bar where I was fortunate to work for 6 years as a bartender and then manage the bar my last 2 years where I am very proud to say is where I learned everything I know about the bar business.
Marco: Who owns the Tekila Bar?
Jorge: Myself along with my brother, Jerry Gaona and an investor.
Marco: What are your specialties here at Tekila Bar?
Jorge: OUR DRINKS! (showcasing the Bar with his arm)…If you want it, WE GOT IT!
Marco: What do you like best about your bar?
Jorge: The views and the beaches…. I love the atmosphere in the bar and the energy. Everyone is warm and it has a comfortable feeling.
Marco: What nights are the bands?
Jorge: Thursday thru Saturday and sometimes Sundays.

Marco: Wow, awesome…I love the bands in town! What was this before you bought it?

Jorge: The bar originally was called Coyote Grill about 4 years ago and then it turned into a real estate office until about a year ago where it had been sitting vacant until we came along and gutted the building.
Marco: And an amazing job you did at that! What is the funnest (yes funnest can be a word in Rocky Point) times to come to Tekila Bar?
Jorge: Bike Week, March and April, really any Friday, Saturday or Sunday! My funnest times are meeting all the new and old patrons that I have known over the years here in Rocky Point. I feel I am very blessed with each new customer that comes in and I want to ensure they have the best experience here at the Tekila Bar, as we would like to see them again and again and the best part is that usually in a short time, they have become the best part of life of all…Our Friends!
So, make sure you make your way into Tekila Bar soon to see what all the FUN is about in Old Port! Their next big holiday weekend will be President’s weekend February 12, 13 and 14. Tekila Bar will be slinging drinks and the bands are booked…rumor has it they booked Rocky Point’s own, Pashley & Amigos for Saturday, February 13 And speaking of fun AND helping others…specifically the children’s shelters in Rocky Point and Sonoita, the amazing ladies of Steps of Love, Kathleen Duncan and Jennifer Jermaine have organized a golf tournament at LAS PALOMAS on Saturday February 13th. They will be having two shotgun starts at 8 am and 1pm. The driving range and check in will begin at 6:30 am and they will have a cocktail hour at 5:30 to close the tournament. The format will be 2 man best-ball scramble and players can purchase 2 mulligans for an additional $25. The cost is $150 for a day on the course with some old friends and new buddies and it is bound to be a blast! Best of all, you are helping our needy children right here in Rocky Point! You can sign up as a team or as an individual. PLEASE, open your hearts to an amazing experience…there is no greater gift than CARE and the children’s care starts with YOU! Special shout out to Ely Bojorquez and Luis Torres from Las Palomas for their help with the event as well. To sign up, please contact Jennifer at 480 420 8141 or email her at jennifer@stepsoflove.org. When you are there, please give a big HOLA to my son Zack who is volunteering his Saturday to help the children and the event to run smoothly…not bad for a teenager…GO Z!!! Rumor has it that we will also be having celebrity guest appearances at the golf tournament than none other than Roxy Pancake and Rocky Point’s very own Princesa!
This month’s article would not be complete without a SUPER congratulations to the Brophy College Prep Swim & Dive Team who won their 28th CONSECUTIVE STATE TITLE…WAY TO GO Brophy! Until next month, be safe, be happy, be generous and just be…in Rocky Point!