Happy Spring Break Rocky Point!!! Wow, the best part of the year is upon us and there is no better place to be than right here in Rocky Point! The beaches are filling up, the restaurants and cantinas are jumping, and the mood is well…FUN!!! There is so much to be thankful for and we all need a break from the daily grind of work, meetings and cooking. So, what better way to enjoy Rocky Point than having a private chef come into your condo, home or rental unit and prepare fresh, local cuisine at an awesome price that is just delicious! Mmmmm, now that’s a vacation!

There’s no better way to jump on a much needed break than to dial up Julio and allow him to prepare a savory meal for your next fiesta or even for your entire week! Now, that’s kicking it and after all, we all deserve a break. I recently sat down with Julio Velasquez to ask him about the successes of Julio’s Healthy Meals and yes, I dialed him in for my good buddy Patricio’s birthday celebration. And the result…MAGNIFICO!!!

Marco: How did your biz start and when?

Julio: Julio’s Healthy Meals started at the beginning of 2013 while I was going through Chemotherapy and needed to maintain a special diet. I could not find what I needed here in Rocky Point, so I began cooking for myself using my background as a chef and doing research on healthy eating.

Marco: What are your specialties?

Julio: My specialties are Mediterranean food, Anti-inflammatory diets and French Cuisine and of course seafood here in Rocky Point

Marco: What events have you done?

Julio: I have done milestone birthday dinners, family reunions, company retreats and engagement parties

Marco: What do you like best about your business?

Julio: What I enjoy most about my business is helping people battling diseases or with specific fitness goals and teaching them how to achieve optimum health through diet and if they are working with a dietician, how to adhere to their restrictions.

Marco: What are your other passions?

Julio: My other passions include music (I play the drums), also kitchen equipment, bikes and of course the ocean and my lovely bride, Mo!

Marco: Can you make meals for a week if people are coming to town for the week?

Julio: Absolutely. On several occasions I have been hired to cook daily for families in town for week long vacations.

Marco: Do you work with event planners?

Julio: Yes, if you have hired an event planner I can certainly work with them.

Marco: Yes, I heard some great things about you from some of the event planners around Rocky Point.

Marco: What sets you apart from others?


1- My education. I studied Environmental Health and The Anti-Inflammatory Diet through U of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine and, I continue to further my education to help others through a healthy diet (while still eating flavorful food).

2- The fact that I have maintained my health through a healthy diet and understand from firsthand experience how important diet is when battling an auto-immune disease.

Marco: That’s just awesome!

Marco: What is the best thing to know about your meals?

Julio: The most important thing about Julio’s Healthy Meals is that I hand craft every meal and only use the best quality oils, spices and ingredients. Everything is ALWAYS homemade.

Marco: Anything else you would like to share about your business?

Julio: Julio’s Healthy Meals is available for lunch and dinner deliveries Monday through Saturday and also for private dinners at your condo as well as special events for 2 – 50 people. Currently, there is nothing like Julios Healthy Meals in Rocky Point; you can literally explain your diet restrictions and have meals that are created just for you that will exceed your needs and expectations.

Marco: How can they reach you?

Julio: Clients can reach me on my FB page, Julio’s Healthy Meals or via email at chefjulio1@gmail.com or via cell phones at (638) 107-5035 or (520) 450-0353.

Chef Julio C. Velazquez is an AZ Health Department certified Food Manager with a background in Mediterranean and French Cuisine and Studied Environmental Health and Anti-inflammatory Diets at Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

So if you like healthy living, awesome food and a fun vibe (Julio always brings charm to his events), than look no further than Julio’s Healthy Meals! I promise you, the food will be the highlight of your next social event! I look forward to my next event with our own, CHEF JULIO!!! Until next month, let your smile shine as bright as our Rocky Point beaches! I look forward to seeing YOU at the beach…