Well, another year is upon us and I sincerely hope that 2014 was the start of some good times to come for each of you. I know that 2014 was a great year for me…I traveled to Portugal, North Carolina, California, Texas, the Jersey Shore, all over Arizona and several new places in Mexico, but for me the best times are always right here in Rocky Point! 2015 is a fresh start for each of us to achieve some of the goals we set for ourselves in years gone by and the best…the unknown…the new friends we will meet at the beach, the new experiences that will be afforded to us, the challenging work days that make us who we are and most importantly the unique opportunities that shall be created just for each of us. So, keep your eyes peeled and watch for that special star to brighten your doorway! Trust me, it is just around the corner.

Speaking of brightening doorways…Wrecked at the Reef tossed an AMAZING New Year’s Eve Bash once again and brightened the doorway for all those in attendance. For those of you who were not lucky enough to be part of the fun-loving 400 ticket holders who made it to Wrecked for the event, grab your I-pad’s and day planners now and mark your calendars to get in on the fun this next New Year’s. Wrecked really knows how to throw an excellent party! The crowd was perfect for the event. For just 50 dollars, it is unlimited drinks, champagne toast at midnight, dancing and grooving to the music of the always spot-on La Merca and then topped off with fireworks at night. Even though there were 400 patrons at the party, the bar and restaurant staff was well equipped and well-manned to be right there when you wanted to place an order. As always, the crowd was extra-fun and my hat goes off (ok my sombrero, mi hermano Tom Carr) to Randy and Steve and the crew for making 2015 start off with a special touch!

Despite the crazy cold weather that came upon Rocky Point the week leading up to New Year’s Eve, the Wrecked folks kept us comfy with their space heaters inside and large outdoor fire pits to add another touch to a great night. I heard the peeps back in the States were way colder than us with places like Scottsdale and Tucson getting snow for an entire day. Moreover, Payson, Flagstaff, Show Low, Prescott and other northern cities in Arizona had near white-out conditions for part of several days. So, we should all be thankful that “our cold” was not nearly as bad as other places.

As you are most likely reading this, it is already February and time to put the plans in motion for SPRING BREAK! Oh, the fun that is coming our way here in Rocky Point again! Calendar check once again…break it out now and get your free time planned now so you will be sure to be amongst the legions of smiling faces enjoying themselves as the warmer days and beautiful nights are upon us once again. Please always remember to keep your eyes open as you cruise around Rocky Point for a difference YOU can make in the lives of others. From a hand shake, to food and clothing donations to lending a hand to a disabled person to simply giving your best smile and “HOLA” to a stranger, YOU will individually help to make our city a better place. God bless each of you and my sincerest wishes for a healthy, happy and GIVING 2015…Only YOU can create your happiness…so go create it and PLEASE bring me along for the ride!