LindaSharpAjoHousing-1February 22, Sunday from 1-4 pm, four brokerages with homes for rent and for sale in Ajo, as well as residences for sale or rent by owner will be on tour, open to the public. Everyone is invited. A map with prices and photos will be available for those who register ahead. There is no cost to stop in at one, two, three or all open houses, which will be open to the public from 1-4 pm that day.
The tour will begin at 1 pm and will stop not only at all homes on the open house list, but also some homes for sale and rent that will be only on the tour and not held open the entire 1-4 open house.

Ajo, Arizona has been a popular stop-over for Rocky Point visitors for many decades. Some stop in Ajo to purchase gas, Mexico driving insurance or refreshments. Ajo has been a small town half way between Phoenix and Rocky Point, for more than 100 years. In the very early 1900s until 1983, Phelps Dodge operated a lucrative copper mine and also mined gold and other minerals. Mining is still going on in Ajo, under the guise of “Minerals Recovery”, in Ajo.
The former mine is now a historical site, located close to the charming Ajo Museum, a former mission. Hikes and desert outings are free, and many Ajoites and winter visitors consider fun in the surrounding desert their favorite pastime.
The local medical clinic has one medical doctor, two PAs as well as nurses and other professionals. Ajo Transportation provides bus service to the door of one’s home to any destination in Ajo, for 75 cents per person, functioning like a taxi. It also provides rides to Tucson and Phoenix daily for under $10/ person.

Brokerages participating in the Ajo Housing Open House and Tour include:
Copper Crown Realty
Ajo Advantage Realty
Tierra Antigua Realty
Linda J. Sharp

Homes for rent and for sale during the open house, 1-4 pm, do not require registration. The public is welcome to drop in at any or all being held open. The Ajo News will carry a list of those homes February 17, 2015.

To register for the tour, which stops not only at all the open houses, but also some only on the tour, contact: Linda J. Sharp, Broker Cell 907-227-0036.