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Ajo Housing Open House and Tour of Homes

February 22, Sunday from 1-4 pm, four brokerages with homes for rent and for sale in Ajo, as well as residences for sale or rent by owner will be on tour, open to the public. Everyone is invited. A map with prices and photos will be available for those who register ahead. There is no cost to stop in at one, two, three or all open houses, which will be open to the public from 1-4 pm that day.
The tour will begin at 1 pm and will stop not only at all homes on the open house list, but also some homes for sale and rent that will be only on the tour and not held open the entire 1-4 open house.

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Pet Care in Hot Weather

A pet is there when others are not for some of us. Pets are beloved family members. As we age, pets provide constant companionship. As working people, pets often provide relief from the stress of the day when we get home. The...

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Crossing The Border
Products which are prohibited to pass (Productos que están prohibidos pasar):

Animals, Plants, and Products Permitted at Touristic Level

Guidelines on animals, plants, and products that may enter Mexico