2014 Was another great year for the animals. Hundreds were adopted and thousands were sterilized. What a difference it is from 14 years ago when we started these programs. We formed our non-profit corporation in 2001 and are the only nonprofit (for animal rescue)in this area. It is so rewarding to see the changes in Rocky Point for the animals in such a short time. It was difficult working alone with no other rescues until a few years ago. Several rescues opened and closed but Barb who started her rescue 3 years ago is doing great and is a huge help. Barb is working on her corporation and nonprofit status. A big thank you to all that helped make this possible.
We are able to purchase the Kirkland dog, puppy and cat food that is made in the USA and delivered to Rocky Point. It can be purchased at Weltons just south of the Sante Fe market and across the street from Sam’s Club.
Losing my daughter this last November was devastating and left a huge hole in my heart. Many of you have made a donation of cash in Ashley’s name. I want to thank Jim and Becky Kemp from the Princesa for adding $100 to their monthly donation in memory of Ashley. The Kemps also gave me a huge box of See’s candy for Xmas-Yum. Anita from Giuseppi’s also gave me a box of dark chocolate See’s candy! The love I feel is tremendous – A BIG thank you.

We are having a special raffle of a stay at a two bedroom condo in Las Conchas to be drawn on March 14th, 2015.
The drawing will be at Giuseppi’s on Fremont at noon.
The condo is being donation by Lori Ramirez and is for a week-end of your choice depending on availability.
The raffle tickets are $25 each and will benefit the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point and Barb’s dog rescue. Tickets can be purchased at the following:
Nancy – Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point 383-1012. Other numbers below.
Barb – Barb’s dog rescue – (044-638) 114 1659
Lori Ramirez in Las Conchas and on Facebook.
Anita at Guiseppis 383-5181
Alicia at the Rocky Point Times 383-6325
We also have tickets in Phoenix with Penelope at (602) 423-3435
This is a tough time of year for the animals and your help is greatly appreciated.

There are many beautiful animals in Rocky Point, ready for new homes. All of them have been vaccinated, dewormed, spayed or neutered and are very trusting and lovable. Please stop at one of the two rescues listed above and check out the many cats, kittens, puppies and dogs. Follow the map listed below to visit the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point which is in-town.
Martini is a beautiful Lhasa Apso, Max and Rex are black Labs, Mercedes is a small white Poodle, Terry is a white and brown Terrier mix, Lucy and Desi are black and white terrier mixes, Apple is a great little mix and just a love, Chico is a tiny light brown Chihuahua and Lady is a long haired blond mix. All of the animals are single, love to walk on the beach, dinning out and love to give hugs and kisses.

Bleach, Vinegar (white), cat litter, canned cat and dog food, dry Kirkland dog, puppy, and cat food, blankets (without stuffing), small baby blankets for kittens and puppies, large and small beds for both, paper towels and disinfectant cleaners of all types, spot lights for the yards and toys.