DSCN0958Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point formed its non-profit Corporation in 2001 and has been at the same location for 15 years. On Calle 15 and three blocks east of Juarez on the left corner.


Jake was found thrown over the fence on Easter morning. Dirty and full of parasites he is now on his road to recovery. We had a contest on Facebook to find a name and the winner is Karen May. She calls him Jake after John Beluchi in Soul Man. Jake does have very soulful eyes and a very loving and playful personality.

Healing from the neglect he suffered is not easy, but he deserved a chance. I know we can count on the support of great friends like you to provide the resources we need to see Jake through to a better life.

Your donations will help us provide lifesaving care for innocent pets like Jake who had nowhere else to turn. I hope we can count on you today.


Animal Adoption Center Of Rocky Point sponsored the first free spay neuter clinic held in Puerto Peñasco in 2009. Give Some Life foundation was the first of many clinics held by the Mexican veterinarians from all over Mexico.

The city of Rocky Point has seven veterinarian clinics plus the city which offers veterinarian services. We also have a total of 10 to 12 working veterinarians in the city, Many who speak English. Prices are very reasonable. Dr Chochoy is an Orthopedic specialist and a broken limb can be fixed for about or less than $500. Spay/neuter services can be anywhere from 200 pesos and up. You do need to shop around.

The food is very expensive here but all pet food donations are welcome here at the center and it will all go to good use. We use Kirkland dog, cat and puppy food which can be purchased here at Weltons. It is made in the US and distributed throughout Mexico from Costco Mexico but all food donations go to the animals.

Yes there are many dogs on the streets but most of them have owners and are looking pretty healthy compared to years ago. We could use fencing for some of the locals who would like to fence in a yard to keep the dogs in but this is a cost most cannot afford so if you can help with money or fencing please give Nancy a call. WE try to feed s many of the animals in the city as we can so ALL donations of dog and cat food are welcome.

Summer is here and there was no winter! I put my heater on for one evening. I hope this is not a long hot summer. I heard that it was snowing in Flagstaff?

A dig thank you to all that help and have a wonderful month of May! Big hugs from all the animals.
Kitten season has arrived and we are in dire need of Kitten and cat dry and canned food. Cat litter is also needed. We could use any and all cleaning supplies – bleach, disinfectant, brushes, laundry soap, and Downy. The babies need baby blankets and small beds for both kittens and puppies.

Give us a call for more information. You can donate through PayPal, on our web site, through Facebook or send a check directly to our PO Box. We have donation sites in Phoenix so call for details. Thank you to all that help.