Summer is here and it its HOT! HOT! HOT. Somehow we all survive. Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point has been operating now at this location for 11 years and somehow we have survived the summers.
Twenty one animals adopted last month!  We have lots of kittens waiting for their forever homes. A new rescue group was started over a year ago by Ari Zavala to help rescue and adopt animals. Ari will be concentrating on education in the school system and has built a wonderful facility with a full time person on staff caring for the dogs. I highly recommend her. Her center is “Pet-Effect SOS” and she is on Facebook and has a website. Ari is having an adoption day and open house on Sunday September 3rd and we hope all of you will visit and see what a wonderful job she is doing. Pet Effect is located behind Giuseppis across the tracks and 3 blocks west of Sinaloa.

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point had its first clinic 11 years ago. Our mission is to make a difference and help to control the overpopulation of the dogs and cats in the city. It has not been an easy effort. We have fixed over 3,000 animals in the last 11 years. Just imagine if each of those animals was responsible for 6 additional pups or kits, that would be at least 18,000 more animals running the streets! Barb Capwell DVM with Gentle Care in Tempe, Kit Hoffman DVM with the AZ Animal Welfare League and Allison Barnhill DVM from the University of Iowa, donated their time to come to Rocky Point several times yearly and provide free spay/neuters for the animals. We held the clinics here at the center, being very secretive until Mayor Alejandro Munro took office and we were able to openly work with the city in conducting clinics for the locals. A big thank you to all the veterinarians and volunteers that contributed .Thank you Mayor Munro  and Marco Hernandez who has worked with AACORP for many years and was the resident veterinarian with the city working also with Mario Lopez. It was a great success and we hope the new government will continue with the clinics.
We want to give thanks and a BIG PAWS UP to our FRIENDS AT PUERTA PRIVADA FOR A SUV full of dog food, cat food and cleaning supplies in July. Timing is great as tourist season is slow in the summer months.
Thank goodness we can now purchase Kirkland dog and puppy dry food at Welton just south of Sante Fe Market. Kirkland is what these dogs have been raised on and the Kirkland here comes from Costco in Hermosillo, is made in the USA and distributed in Mexico. Friskies canned Pate canned food at Welton is also made in the USA. Prices are reasonable. Please stop at Welton and pick up a bag or two for the animals. Bring to the center or give me a call and I can pick up any donations. We are not allowed to bring bags of Pet food across the border and this makes it so much easier. I like to keep the animals on the same food to prevent digestive problems. Kirkland Chicken and rice is what I use and on occasion the lamb and rice for sensitive tummies.

The sliding door to the center has been broken for many years and does not close allowing heat inside. We would like to replace it with French doors – 8 X 7. If you have extra or unneeded doors waiting for a home call Nancy. We are also looking for a garage door 8X12.
We have many kittens and are going through at least 100 cans of Friskies Pate cat food per week. Our biggest needs at this time are kitten dry and cat/kitten canned, Litter is also needed – the non-clumping kind.
If you would like to Pet sit or Pet foster give Nancy a call at (011-52-638) 383-1012. The center is in need of a newer vehicle to transport the animals and supplies. Our present vehicle is a 1997, and on its last leg. If you would like to donate or sell a 2005 or newer SUV to help please call Nancy at 383-1012 or (602) 412-3932. Your vehicle donation is a tax deduction.
Other needs are cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, flea and tick spray, dog and cat beds, feeding containers, canopies for shade, slats for chain link fencing and “Quick comfort pet beds” – check out their web page. These are the best! We also use Kuranda above ground beds and these can be purchased through our web site directly through Kuranda, Just go to to donate a Kuranda bed for the animals.
Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point has been at the same location now for eleven years. Coming into town go one block past (south) Lucas Chicken Palapas restaurant, turn left (east) and come down three blocks and we are on the north/west corner of Leon de la Barra and Cuatemoch. Please bring donations to the center or to Giuseppis as we do not have additional drop off sites in Mexico, Call for drop off sites in Arizona. Your donations are a tax deduction as we are a 501©3 US nonprofit Corporation. Call Nancy for more information at 383 1012, or in USA 602 412 3932. Mail checks to; AACORP PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. A BIG thank you to all that help and make this a success story and “Making Rocky Point a better place to be an animal.”
Send me you email address to get on our mailing list for our Newsletter – Remember to visit us on Facebook for all the latest news or needs for the center. We have two pages “nancy phelan” and “Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point”. Visit Ari on Facebook at Pet Effect SOS.