October has arrived!! Let’s hope we have a long, cool winter.
It was 13 years ago that we started the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point – how time flies!! It is heavy physical work and my back started giving me problems a few years ago. I checked on alternatives and decided to try the Epideral injections and they worked for me. My back is fine and I am pain free. For all my friends please know that my health is great and I am being very careful lifting anything heavy. Daniel does all the heavy lifting here at the center – thanks Daniel.

When we started the center in 2001 there was one veterinarian in town, no clinics (other than the clinics that we had at the center). There was no place for the dogs, and Mange was rampant. Many of you know the trials and tribulations that we have endured. You can read the entire story on our web page – www.rpaac.org. The city now hold free clinics for the poor, several times a year and several new rescue groups have started over the last couple of years. There are new laws that protect the animals, including a leash law. The city does low cost spay/neuters (200 pesos) and there are many local veterinarians in town. There were only two of us doing rescue work until a few years ago – AACORP and Graciela who has a Mexican non-profit Corporation. AACORP is a 501©3 non-profit Corporation and your donations are a tax deduction. Thank you to everyone who helps and cares for the animals in Rocky Point.

Trixie is one of three kittens that were abandoned in Cholla Bay and taken in by AACORP. I have been bottle feeding them now for 4 weeks and they are now healthy and ready for adoption. Pictured is Trixie. She is missing ½ of her left rear leg due to a birth defect. She manages just fine and is as playful as her siblings.
Also pictured is Tiny who lives up to her name and may weigh 3 pounds. She looks like a Terrier mix and was found in Las Conchas at the round-about. She has been here now for 6 weeks and is a couch potato. She gets along with other dogs, cats and plays with the kittens. She needs to be spayed and then will be ready for adoption.
We are planning a spay clinic this fall in Cholla Bay for the many animals in Cholla. Please contact Nancy at 383-1012 or Sally at Xochita’s restaurant with a list of animals to be fixed. We need to plan the number of veterinarians that will be volunteering their time.

We are in need of Purina kitten dry and Friskies Pate canned food. Please help if you can. We have drop off sites in Phoenix .Call Nancy for locations.