Please watch your dogs this 4th of July. It only takes a second for them to run after hearing the fireworks. Many are lost each year.

We want to give a big paws up to our wonderful animal friend, Candace Garvey. Candace has donated $200 in memory of her loving cousin Tom Miller…thank you Candace and may Tom rest in peace. We know he has many 2 and 4 legged friends in heaven.

Three tuxedo cats were seen being dumped in a vacant lot tied in a plastic bag. Neighbor saw woman drive away after throwing them in the lot. She raced to get them and called me. They are the most adorable babies…Sugar, Spice and Pepper. Call Nancy if you are interested in adopting.

Harley was adopted this week to JC. They are Soul mates for sure. Harley left with several stuffed toys, a Kuranda bed and a bag of Kirkland dry food. They spent the next day in the house, taking walks and bonding. Makes my heart sing.

Terri just had 5 little babies…daddy was a small white chihuahua, they will be ready for adoption middle of July. Call Nancy if you are interested.

This is what rescue is about.

Today Erik the veterinarian from El Gallo veterinarian clinic will be picking up a stray dog that recently had puppies and was hit by a car. ERIK will give her the medical care, surgery and then she will come here to the center. Check Facebook for updates.

We just rescued 2 little kittens that were found in Cholla Bay after a shack was torn down and there they were. Sweet little babies.

That makes 23 kittens that we have rescued in the last month. Please help with Friskies canned pate or dry kitten food…(Purina or ?).

You can also help with cash donations…send checks to AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. Thank you to all that help the animals

Martini has been groomed and had his teeth cleaned. He has a skin problem for years…we tested for Thyroid and Fungus and finally discovered a food allergy. He is now on Kirkland Salmon and sweet potato and doing well. He is now ready for adoption. Please call if you have donations or are interesting in adopting.

Come visit us on facebook.


The oldest American animal rescue in Rocky Point

Thank you to all that help and have even a safe fourth of July.