nancyphelan_01It is only a month away and Big Daves Chili Cook-off in Cholla Bay will be upon us. The best Chili in the world can be found here. Happens on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the proceeds from the raffle and Auction go to the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point. It will be held at the clubhouse. If you have items for the raffle or auction please bring them to the center or to Sally’s in Cholla Bay. Dave and Kelley Adams will be collecting items also.
Kitten season is over, thank goodness. I had so many dropped off last year that I could not catch and I have been bottle feeding many babies. We do need Purina dry kitten food and cat litter…not the clumping but the cheapest…thank you for helping.
We also are in need of baby blankets and dog beds for the upcoming cooler months. Costco has great beds for about $25. Not a problem bringing them across the border.
We have some great dogs for adoption:
Lady is a collie mix and just a love. She gets along with other dogs and cats.
Sophia has been here for over a year and does not like cats. She gets along with other dogs and loves kisses.
Harley is the boss. He is a border Collie, does not like cats but he does love all female dogs.
Tickels is sweet and a tiny terrier mix. She is in the front with Harley and Sophia. Loves to be petted but does not like cats. This is why the three above are together.
Chico is a tiny white Chihuahua who thinks he is a great dane. Bosses everyone and is still a little food aggressive.
Jorge is sweet and playful. His best buddy is Fawn who was found at Lays a while back. They are inseparable. Both are now healthy and doing very well.
Sunny does get along with cats. She is a medium size blond and loves to go on walks.
We have many kittens…white, black, tiger, black and white, dark grey, and of course many grown cats, that need homes. Please consider adopting an older cat or two.
Please give Nancy a call to make an appointment to see the animals. My back is out and I am not out as much as usual. Too much lifting dog food and dogs over the last 16 years. I do have a great helper Luis who comes at 4. Good time to visit.
We can purchase Kirkland dog and puppy food here in Rocky Point at Welton’s and La Cañada. Weltons is located across the street from Sam’s Club at the signal. Look to the right and you will see Welton’s. Kirkland food comes from Costco and is delivered to Rocky Point. It is distributed to Mexico but made in the US. I use the grain free for several dogs that have allergies. Salmon and Sweet Potato or Turkey and Sweet Potato. Otherwise the Chicken and Rice. We also need canned cat food…Friskies Pate.
A big thank you to all that help the animals. Donations have been scarce and if you would like to help you can send checks to AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ. 85341. We also have a paypal account for AACORP until the email address… Our business account is with Chase and all donations are tax deductible.