In 2000, I first met Les Foss. Once a month “Amigos” had a dinner at various restaurants in Rocky Point. Sandy and Tom O’Hare had the most beautiful wolf/hybrid dogs. Les was lucky enough to adopt one of the last of the litters. Les is losing his wonderful pet now to old age and stopped by the center to look at the dogs to see if he could find a friend to incorporate with his four legged family.

Bobbie was brought to me 2 years ago when his American owner had to leave Mexico for health problems and was moving to be with his son. Bobbie is a Boxer mix and just a wonderful dog. She gets along with all the other dogs and cats. Bobbie and Les left ‘paw in hand’.

Sandy went back to Arizona with Elizabeth and Bryan. Jennifer is a good friend and visits monthly bringing supplies for the animals. Jennifer and Bryan were giving Sandy a bath when they asked if I could possibly let Sandy be adopted. Sandy was brought to me by a local Mexican family. His owner was a 12 year old girl who cried because she could not keep Sandy because he was blind. Sandy has been here at the center for several years now. Two years ago I took him to see an eye specialist in Arizona and eventually had his eyes removed because of the pressure from the Glaucoma. Sandy is the most well adjusted dog that I have taken in. He has many friends here at the center – puppies and kittens love and sleep with him. Sandy manages very well and will be happy with his new family.

Broady is a little dog that was hit by a car and had a shattered hip and leg. Dr Javier did surgery on him and placed several pins in his leg. Broady is recovering but is not using the leg. It may have to amputated. Medical costs are high with many of these animals. We spent over $2,000 on Sandy and we have incurred many costs. Any help you can give is appreciated. We thank everyone who helps with the expenses for the animals. You can donate online through paypal at with your credit card or send checks to AACORP PO Box 1031 Lukeville, AZ 85341. We have about 20 kittens and puppies that need surgery in the next month or so.

Summer schedule
For the months of July, August and September we have the following hours because of the tremendous heat. Volunteer day Saturday 3-5PM. If you would like to bathe a dog or just play, stop by. Adoption hours are Sunday 3-5PM. Appointments are taken so please call for other times. Donations are accepted any time of course. If I am not around (I may be in the cat house or in back) please leave items over the fence. There is also a mail box that I check often. Giuseppis on Fremont is the only other drop off site in Mexico. Call for drop off sites in Arizona.

DOG RESCUES in the city
We have several dog shelters and dog rescues in the city. I am very familiar with Barb at Barb’s dog rescue. I have known Barb for at least 10 years. Barb always had about 12 or more large dogs that she rescued from the highway. I have helped her with many bags of dog food, blankets, medicine, kiddy pool and other supplies. Thank goodness Barb is finally getting help. Other people have stepped up and are also helping Barb with her rescue and finding homes for the 4 legged critters she cares for. Barb takes very good care of the dogs and I hope she can get the help she needs to continue her work. Barb has mostly larger dogs, where I have mostly smaller dogs. I am in the city and it is easier to house the smaller dogs here at the center.

The center is in need of a newer vehicle to transport the animals and supplies. Our present vehicle is a 1997, and on its last leg. If you would like to donate or sell a 2005 or newer SUV to help please call Nancy at 383-1012 or (602) 412- 3932. Your vehicle donation is a tax deduction.

Other needs are kitten dry and canned food, cat litter – non clumping. cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, flea and tick spray, dog and cat beds, feeding containers, canopies for shade, slats for chain link fencing and “Quick comfort pet beds” – check out their web page. These are the best! We also use Kuranda above ground beds and these can be purchased through our web site directly through Kuranda, Just go to to donate a Kuranda bed for the animals.

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point has been at the same location now for eleven years. Coming into town go one block past (south) Lucas Chicken Palapas restaurant, turn left (east) and come down three blocks and we are on the North/West corner of Leon de la Barra and Cuauhtémoc. Please bring donations to the center or to Giuseppis as we do not have additional drop off sites in Mexico. Call for drop off sites in Arizona. Your donations are a tax deduction as we are a 501©3 US nonprofit Corporation
AACORP PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341.

Send me you email address to get on our mailing list for our Newsletter – Remember to visit us on facebook for all the latest news or needs for the center. We have two pages “Nancy Phelan” and “Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point”.