NancyPhelan-dogBut spring is here and kitten and puppy season is just around the corner. All over the world, try as we do, it seems we cannot stop the overpopulation of cats and dogs – that is – until people are educated and spay/neuter services are offered at a reasonable cost. A big thank you to all of you who help us and have helped us and remember we could not continue to do our wonderful work without you.

We are always in need of donations so please check with your HR department at work as many companies will match your donation to a 502©3 charity. We work with American Express, Rogers, Intel and AT&T. The Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point, Inc. is a 501©3 non-profit corporation and has made a great impact in the city in the last 14 years. We conducted the very first spay clinic that was acknowledged by the city in 2009 when Give Some Life performed a free service to the poor. We have had at least 3 major clinics each year fixing 200- 300 animals at each clinic. Thanks to our hard work, clinics are now a regular event. Our next clinic will be next month and conducted by our Mexican veterinarians that come from cities throughout Mexico.

On a sad note we lost a friend in Bob Abens a few months ago. Bob had been sick for many years. His wife Maggie sold their lovely home in Las Conchas and now resides in Tucson. Maggie was very instrumental in working with the animals and working with the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point and was on our board for many years. Two of our first rescues were brought to Nancy by Maggie – Lucy and Ginny. Maggie rescued Scruffy, the mom and brought her two babies here where they lived for many years. I still have the dog house that Bob made for his girls – Ginny and Lucy. Maggie rescued many pups and brought them here to the center.   RIP Bob!!! And a BIG thanks to a true friend of the animals Maggie Abens.

We are getting ready for the arrival of many anticipated kittens and puppies – especially kittens as we are the only center that takes in cats and kittens. We are in need of supplies for puppies and kitten: Purina dry kitten food, dry puppy food, canned Friskies pate cat, and canned puppy are needed. We also need small baby blankets and small dog and cat beds.

Our dog of the month is Sophia who is about 6-months old. Sophia has been spayed and has had her vaccines. She is very well mannered and very playful and gets along with other dogs. And she loves long walks on the beach.

We have many older cats at the center and some would make lovely house pets. I am attaching a picture of Magic and his friend Tigre. They love their dog bed on the hood of the car. This is where they perch to watch over the dogs in the adjacent yards.

With summer around the corner we are in need of disinfectant, waterless hand soap, bleach, detergent, Downy, brushes, collars for the little ones and red leashes!  Anything you can think of for the animals, please stop and visit and give us a call when you are coming. Check us out on Facebook for the latest news – Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point. Visit our website to read about the ups and downs of the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point over the last 14 years – To donate, please mail a check to AACORP to the PO Box below or you can donate through Paypal, on our website or Facebook. Thanks to all that help our 4-legged friends.