Happy Labor Day to all. There was a time when Labor Day signaled the start of Autumn… Sad to say we are looking at two more months of Hot, Hot, Hot. Humidity in Rocky Point is around 65 percent this time of year. The problem with the humidity this high it is especially harmful to the dogs and the increase in the Mange.
There are two types of Mange: Demodectic which is not contagious but it is permanent and difficult to control. Sarcoptic which is highly contagious and is the most prevalent in dogs. This Mange can also be contracted by humans. Signs are a rash and itch -all over.
The cure for both types of Mange is Ivermectic. I give injections under the skin weekly. For humans there is a crème (get the crème not the lotion) Scabison at any Farmacia. It is around $5 per tube. Cover body after a shower and one treatment should take care of it. Remember to wear gloves when dealing with a dog with the Mange. I have had it several times. In humans it is called Scabbies. It consists of mites under the skin.
Well I rescued a poor baby that appeared to be dumped off on the highway. I almost missed him as he seemed to be trying to hide behind a tree. I pulled over and he came right up to the car. He is totally bald from the Mange. I am starting his treatment and we will keep you informed of his progress. We call him Tony, he appears to be young, maybe under 2 years. He will be neutered as soon as we think he is a little healthier. If you would like to help with his vet and medical bills please send a check with his name on it to AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. And also a BIG thank you to all that help the animals in Rocky Point.
I have been finding newborn kittens in various places on the property. I just finished bottle feeding 3 and now have one little baby who was found the day he/she was born. I have had her now for 10 days and her eyes just opened.
This is a sad part of rescue. Someone I know very well dropped off 10 to 12 kittens last year. She just dumped them in one of the yards without telling me. The problem with this is …they were about 4 months old and very feral. I could not catch them. At least 8 ran out into the street and were killed. Had I been told they were coming here I could of planned and provided a place for them. I have no idea how many there were but a few have remained in hiding and are now having babies. They were not socialized and her mother told her that the kittens were bad for business and had to go. Instead of calling me she just dumped them. So the cats pay for her abuse.
I have seven bottle fed babies…3 are 3 months old…white, black and white, and tiger, are about 6 weeks old ….one white and 2 tiger. The single baby is now 10 days old and is grey.
If you are interested in adopting please give me a call for an appointment. The heat is unbearable this year and my age is catching up to me. Luis helps and is here Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 to 7. This is a good time to drop off donations.
Needs are dry kitten {Purina), canned Friskies Pate cat food. Dog beds and small cat and puppy beds. We use Kirkland dog, puppy and cat food which can be purchased here in Rocky Point at Weltone at the light and across from Sams. Also at Fruteria Canada on Sonora will order it for me. I order 10 or more bags at the time. We appreciate all the love and help from our animal friends. Please adopt a rescue dog from the several rescues we now have in the city.