The free spay/ neuter clinics are put on by the Federal GOVERNMENT and the state of Sonora. The clinic was a huge success and we are so very proud of the Mexican people.

Many years ago AACORP did sponsor the clinics until the Government took over. What they do is get the permits and paperwork that is required, contact the Veterinarians with dates etc., pay for the gas for transportation, supply medications for 200 plus animals, supply needed supplies and instruments. They make all the arrangements. This is all taken care of by the Mexican people. We Americans can help with housing and meals, and some supplies as we get them. Please lets give the Mexican Government credit for conducting these clinics. A big thank you to the Mayor, the Governor and Dr. Eliel and Edith DVM at the city. These clinics are not being put on by the Americans or the rescues. We need to give credit where credit is due! Americans can get tax credit so it is something that we as animal lovers want to do and that is help them! Veterinarians came from Hermosillo, Nogales, Obregon and of course Puerto Peñasco.
We also have Veterinarians that Volunteer like Jo Valentine from Tucson with a Vet Tech Jeanette. Penelope Fritz, my daughter who is also a Vet Tech volunteered for this clinic. I was a wonderful experience for Penelope and she was amazed with the Mexican Veterinarians. It was a wonderful experience for all the volunteers. Claudia Ortega is a local gal responsible for bringing many animals for surgery. Claudia has many local contacts and gets the word out. Thank you Claudia. A big thanks to Lupita Kewes, Alice Mitchell and Camilla a 16 year old who dreams of becoming a Veterinarian. They worked tirelessly volunteering.

The Government also took blood from 300 animals to use for research by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta that is doing research on Tick Fever and many other diseases that affect the animals. 222 cats and dogs were sterilized during this clinic. We hope to have another clinic in November.

A big thanks to all that help make this a comfortable and pleasant experience for all the volunteers.
A nice cash donation from Candace Garvey helped pay for the food. Breakfast served by Giuseppis every morning fed a total of 131 people. Giuseppis also provided a wonderful final dinner for 31. Breaded Pork chops, red cabbage, potatoes, and the best crepes for dessert. Cost was $250.00 (plus tips) for breakfast and dinner – thank you to Anita at Giuseppis and Candace. Lunch was provided by Homero with Blue Marlin in the Old Port – The best fish tacos in the universe .Cost for lunch for three days was under $100.

I also received a $100 donation from Steve who stopped by to see what was going on. The city is not allowed to take cash so they found me. I am going to use this donation to purchase uniforms for 2 of the dog catchers as they have none. We are happy to do this – thanks to Steve.

Beach houses were provided by Charlie Salem of Oceano and Les Foss in the Mirador. Les has accommodations for large groups and you can reach les at 383 3866. Animals are allowed so if you are looking for animal friendly places to stay in Rocky Point please call Oceano (ask for Omar) or Les. A big thank you to Les and Charlie. When I was trying to secure a house for Saturday night Charlie took charge and said “no one should charge these wonderful folks for what they are doing “He gave us a beach house – and yes they did work tirelessly.

We managed to acquire three tiny kittens and 11 puppies this week. If you are looking to adopt please stop by and play for a day at the center. We are located in town – just follow the map below.

Our biggest needs are cleaning supplies and kitten food.

Happy Father Day to all our Dads this month!