Please, if you find an injured, sick or abused animal, take it to a Veterinary Clinic for treatment.

Many animals are just dropped over the fence and we may not find them in time, if they are hiding. I found this adorable little red fluffy pup just in horrible condition. He did not make it, as he was seizing. He should have gone to a clinic before being dropped off.

Please help us help the newborns with a donation. You can donate through our Facebook page, through our website on the home page, on Paypal using the email address below or send a check to:

AACORP, PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. We are spending over $4000.00 per month caring for the animals. I personally have spent over $300,000.00, with no regrets. It has been a rewarding 16 years with many trials and tribulations. You can read about our journey on our web page. Yes, we need to update the web site but, I am unable to log on and make changes…can’t remember the password. Is anyone familiar with Etomite…a very old site? Contact Nancy if you can help. (638) 383-1012 or (602) 412-3932.

We rescued a beautiful Mama dog (Reba) and her three puppies. Reba has been roaming feral in Las Conchas for several years. Mila and Mark have been feeding her along with others in section 3 and contacted me after she gave birth. It took several days to capture Reba and bring her and the pups to the center. They are all doing well. Pups are fat and healthy. Mila and Mark will be adopting Reba after her milk dries up, and she is spayed. Thank you Mila and Mark for saving this lovely little family.

We have many adult cats looking for good forever homes. Please consider an older cat or dog. We are a no kill center and many animals have been here for a while.

Kitten season is just around the corner and we are in need of dry and canned Kitten food, regular cat litter and canned dog food. We can purchase the Kirkland dog and cat food here in Rocky Point at Welton’s. We have most of the dogs on grain free Salmon and sweet potato due to food allergies.

We have drop off sites in Arizona. Please call for information and phone numbers. We are always here at the center, but please try to call if you can for appointment to adopt or to drop off donations. My back is not in good shape… (spondylosis) and I am not as active as I have been over the last 16 years.

A big thank you to all that help.