Every now and then an angel appears in our lives. I have had many over the years. But what an angel appeared last month!

A few years ago a young man visited the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point. At the time I was in the front playing with the new puppies. He asked how I became involved with the animals and I told him my story. We talked for a few moments and then he handed me some money saying, “This should help”. After he left I realized that he had given me 15 – 100 dollar bills – that certainly was a first!  He visited again a year later with another $1500 donation. Of course by this time I had figured out who he was.

I had not heard from Zippy the Pin Head, as he prefers to be called in reference to his donations, until a month ago when he called to explain that he had not been to Rocky Point in a while but did I still need a newer vehicle! In August we met in Phoenix and he presented me with this wonderful Nissan Xterra. It only has 65,000 miles on it and is in like-new condition. It is spotless!  What a dream come true. I am still in shock and cannot thank Zippy enough. Two gals from his office were with him and commented on how much of an animal lover he is and what a wonderful soul he is. I think the girls and Zippy were as excited as I was. Zippy even had lettering put on the vehicle – and of course it is a tax deduction. Our fiscal year ends in September and I have to give Zippy “The Donor Hero of the year award”. Thank you ever so much Zippy, and the animals thank you. The cats love to sleep on the roof rack which is quite different than most racks. I think they know a cat lover!


We are doing a fundraiser to help with the spay/neuter costs of the many cats and kittens that need surgery – THUNDERSHIRTS – These are wonderful for animals that are fearful or need that extra love. They fit very snug and are just wonderful. My Canella is afraid of thunder so she is the first to receive one. We have 5 different sizes = Xsm to Xlg and have them for a $40 donation. Just call Nancy to pick up yours!!! 383-1012 or our Vonage line is (602) 412-3932.

We have 9 new puppies here at Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point that have been rescued and looking for their forever homes. Please consider adding a new friend to your family Two white little females, 5 brown Scooby Doos with black noses, 2 light brown and one larger white with a touch of brown.

Parvo and Distemper season is just around the corner. November through January are the worst months of the year. Please vaccinate your puppies. They need at least 3 vaccines starting at 8 weeks of age and every three weeks thereafter. Best to use the 5 in 1 or the 7 in 1 vaccines. Consult our local veterinarian.

Pet food and needs
Thank goodness we can now purchase Kirkland dog and puppy dry food at Welton just south of Sante Fe Market on the west side of the main street, Blvd. Benito Juarez. Kirkland dog and puppy food at Welton is made in the USA. Prices are reasonable. Please stop at Welton and pick up a bag or two for the animals. Bring the bag(s) to the center or give me a call and I can pick up any donations. We are not allowed to bring bags of pet food across the border and this makes it so much easier. Pet food can be brought across San Luis and Nogales, as they have inspection stations at those port crossings, but not Sonoyta.

The sliding door to the center has been broken for many years and does not close allowing, heat inside. We would like to replace it with French doors –8 foot – If you have extra or unneeded doors waiting for a home, please call Nancy.

We have many kittens and are going through at least 100 cans of Friskies Pate cat food per week. Our biggest needs at this time are kitten dry and cat/kitten canned. Litter is also needed – the non-clumping kind.

Other needs are cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, flea and tick spray, dog and cat beds, feeding containers, canopies for shade, slats for chain link fencing We also use Kuranda above ground beds and these can be purchased through our web site directly through Kuranda, Just go to www.rpaac.org/donate to donate a Kuranda bed for the animals.

Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point has been at the same location now for eleven years. Coming into town go one block past (south) Lucas Chicken Palapas restaurant, turn left (east) and come down three blocks and we are on the north/west corner of Leon de la Barra and Cuauhtémoc. Please bring donations to the center or to Giuseppis Espresso on Fremont, as we do not have additional drop off sites in Mexico. Call for drop off sites in Arizona. Your donations are a tax deduction as we are a 501©3 US nonprofit Corporation. Call Nancy for more information at 383-1012, or in USA (602) 412-3932 / Mail checks to ========AACORP PO Box 1031, Lukeville, AZ 85341. You can donate through Paypal on our web site or facebook page!

A BIG thank you to all that help and make this a success story and “Making Rocky Point a better place to be an animal.”

Send me you email address to get on our mailing list for our Newsletter – nancy_phelan@yahoo.com. Remember to visit us on Facebook for all the latest news or needs for the center. We have two pages “nancy phelan” and “Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point”.