It’s that time of year again. The temperature is starting to go up, the snow birds are leaving and the permanent residents hunker down and get ready for summer. I can start to see the other end of the RV Park. Now comes the time for the park workers to get the tail end of the maintenance finished up. Paint brushes get wet. Shovels get sharpened and ready to make more improvements. Time to get my chair out so I can supervise. Of course no one listens to me. But I need to find something to do.
I have a hard time finding willing bodies to go fishing with me. I tell them this is the best time to fish. The Captains at the marina say the big fish get active, and where they are there are little fish and visa-versa.
At home it is time to turn up the a/c and drink more Tecate. The park turns the heat to the spa off and the water is nice and cool. Playa Bonita is where I live and we stay here all year round. “What” they say. “Doesn’t it get too hot and humid? How do you stand it”? There is a song that goes “The answer is blowing in the wind.” That’s what happens here. We get a nice breeze off the ocean (there I go again) I mean the Sea. This water here is a sea not an ocean. Get out your books and find out the difference between an ocean and a sea. I explained before the difference and maybe you don’t follow my ramblings in the Rocky Point Times every month, but there is a bigger salt content in a sea and it is bordered on three sides by land. That is your lesson for today, bells ringing, school is out, or is that the ringing in my ears?
If you are coming down and want to go fishing come see me. I can arrange with my list of captains to get you out there even if you have never been out or even caught a fish. We will help you. I guarantee you will catch a bunch of fish. Contact me at
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