Three AM and I am lying in bed awake, and I start thinking about different stuff and realize that I thinking like a train. Everything is in line, one thing after another and the caboose is not in sight. It seems everything is related to something and that thing is related to another and on and on.
Holy moly am I not going to be able to go back to sleep? I am an Insomniac. Too many important things on my mind, so I get up and, with my coffee, I look up relativity. I get the formal version, Einstein’s theory that everything is related. I think of where that affects us all. Wow, this get complicated. Hang in there with me and you will understand where I am going.
You get up and have a cup of coffee or tea because that is what you do to start your day. Something to drink and then breakfast. Coffee and food, they go together, they are part of the train. Get dressed and ready to start the day because that is the next car in the train. And so on.
I met a lady from my home town, and did not know her. I asked a few questions and I knew where she lived and worked. We talked awhile and she asked me if I knew my cousin’s daughter was in an accident and it was fatal. Come to find out she is a friend of theirs. What a small world! At that moment the relativity started. Another part of the train.
I met a nice couple in the RV Park where I live, by going across the street and asking a friend to help me carry a recliner into my RV. This couple happened to be there and he volunteered to help. Later I was walking out to meet someone at the gate, which is a quite a walk for me with bad knees, and they offered to give me a ride. I met a new friend. Another part of the train. I was having a problem with the A/C in my travel trailer and I noticed a car driving around the park with a sign on the side of his door that said RV repair, so I called him. Got the problem fixed and found out my new friend was his cousin.
Do you see where the journey we are taking is going? As we going through life we often have deja vous. (Spelling correction doesn’t even work!) We think, “I have been here before”, and can almost dictate what will happen next. Were we here in another life? That subject gets pretty deep.
Do you think that we were put on this earth to do something that will make a difference in someone’s life? I do. Think about it. How many of you have been unemployed for a while, looking for employment and finally land a job and a week later have multiple offers? Turns out you got the best one and made a career out of it. Maybe you are a paramedic and saved someone’s life. Or you have an idea at work and come up with a better way to do things and the company adopts it. Another part of the train.
I have taken quite a few people, from the RV Park, fishing for their first time fishing ever or first time ocean fishing and they love it and continue to go. Maybe that was what I was put here for. Then they in turn take their friends or acquaintances out and the cycle keeps going.
This is all related to my role in life, part of my train. I started writing columns for the RP Times for something to do and tried to make things interesting and a little humorous, but sometimes I like to tax your brain. Get you thinking about something so you can wake up in the middle of the night and write about things you know that are relative.
Until next month, thanks for reading my articles. Let’s go fishing. You can email me at