big-skyI was talking to a friend in Playa Bonita RV Park the other day and I spread my arms to the sky and mentioned how clear and pretty blue and expansive it was. He recommended that I should write an article about the sky.

I mentioned that I was running out of stories to tell and was trying to come up with something interesting and a little humorous to make up an article. I could think of little to say and decided I would hodge-podge something before Alicia of Rocky Point Times emailed me saying I was running out of time to get my article in. Anyone can submit an article that is in good fashion to be included in this paper. It has to be in before the 10th of the month to be in the next month’s issue.

OK, lets get on with it. As you know I grew up and lived for a very long time in Missoula Montana. Montana is called “The Big Sky Country” and there is really a town called Big Sky where the old news anchor Chet Huntley lived and started a ski area. Beautiful place. Big mountains, with lots and lots of snow. First class skiing. Did I mention COLD? Holy cow it gets cold there. Went skiing there once and it was minus 20 degrees with a little breeze. Half way down the slope and your face is an ice cube!

They had a nice Spa and we used it several times. We were staying at a economy lodge so we had to sneak in. Walking through the thigh-high snow was a challenge too.

I had five acres in the country and there was very little lights from Missoula that could be seen. Outside at night was as dark as the inside of a paper sack. Big sky, lots of stars and the moon was gorgeous. I have insomnia and I would sit out on my deck and watch the shooting stars and the planes go across the sky. Sometimes a space station pointed out by my son-in-law would appear. I could hear the horses moving around and sometimes I could hear mountain lions and coyotes. I heard a moan one night and it sounded like one of the horses was dying. Turned out it was one of our mules snoring.

It was during these time I would repeat the Star light star bright thing and make a wish. You are not supposed to tell what your wish is but I can now because it came true.

It was winter time and I was all bundled up freezing and I wished I could quit work and move to a nice warm place by some water where I wouldn’t have to shovel snow in the morning so that I could get to WORK.

I finally moved to Rocky Point in 2011 where we stay all year and I am again in Big Sky Country. No horses to listen to but we have the sound of the waves. I don’t have to shovel snow but I have a Mexican snow shovel (a squeegee.)

Time to go outside with my coffee and enjoy. Thank you all for reading my articles and I will start thinking of something to write about next month. Follow me, Goggle Rob Baylor to read some of my other articles