selec-playa-hermosa-2My wife and I have been in Puerto Peñasco for four years, working on five. We have witnessed the Holy Week from afar as we have rented several houses in different areas of town. We bought an RV, and now live in one of the RV Parks where we get to see what it is all about “Up Close”. Holy Cow, it’s a party!

People came from all over Mexico in trucks, pulling tent campers with the whole extended family. They put up tents and big tables and would all gather around at mealtime. They played games, sat around and told jokes, I guess, because they were all laughing at something.

The kids played in the water, and dug holes in the sand. People would pass by our trailer and were very respectful of our belongings sitting out front. The adults always said “Hi” in passing. They just were great.

They put up canopies on the beach and had picnics and the roving bands would stop and play a few songs for them. Not my kind of music, but the people enjoyed it.

Now on the streets is a different story! You take your life and property in your own hands. There were cars lined up for blocks, and four wheelers zooming past on both sides of you. I felt lucky to get to my destination safely.

All and all it was good to see everyone having a good time. You should come here and see it next year, the week before Easter.