Spring Break and Easter are now behind us and we can all breath a great sigh of relief. A year’s reprieve from the mayhem and life goes back to normal. Beautiful weather, beautiful beach, peaceful and relaxed way of life. Perfect time for a shopping spree.
Apprenticeships used to be the way to teach your trade to the next generation – it was common practice everywhere in the world. Families passing skills from one generation to the next. Here, on Rodeo Drive, the practice is alive and well, just ask Gloria’s 4 year old son! Gloria works with shells right off our beaches, creating wonderful designs. And where did Gloria learn her trade? Well it goes all the way back through her mother and grandmother to her great grandmother! It is an art that begins with collecting then carefully cleaning and sorting. After that, the artistry begins! For Gloria’s family the motto stands: You want to eat – you have to work!
Their main shop is located on the same side of the street as Mariachi’s and Tequila about 5 doors down toward the convention center. You’ll see Gloria and her mother Marcella hard at work fabricating everything from wind chimes and Katrinas to napkin holders and crosses. Prices are unbelievably low for all the work that goes into the item.
We at Su Casa have a strong commitment to Mexican Artisans, which is why you’ll find that everything in the store comes from Mexico…We offer items from up-and-coming craftsmen and women who are just starting out, not yet able to afford a shop of their own. Piñatas from our disabled community hang from our ceiling and we are also carrying purses made by men from the prison. Many of them locked up for years for minor infractions because they can’t afford a lawyer.
Don’t miss Rodeo Drive on your next trip to Peñasco. Amazing what you’ll find!!!