Rodeo Drive is back open and, as always, has a wide variety of made in Mexico and sometimes right here on the Drive products. After an unbelievable setback of having been closed for 5 months being non-essential businesses and then no tourists it will be a long slow recovery for these vendors.

Have you made a visit to Rodeo Drive yet?? If not you’re in for a treat. This charming street has local vendors many of whom actually make their products right there in their shops. Did I mention they also live in their shops? Nothing made in China here. These are truly “Mom & Pop” businesses. Family owned with each family member participating in the business.

From the upscale to the cute low-priced trinkets a treasure is awaiting you. Unlike other shopping areas you’ll find merchants that are friendly and courteous. There are wonderful metal flowers and cactus and if you’re so inclined a 10-foot dinosaur is awaiting you. Women’s dress shops featuring cotton resort clothing perfect for our rather warm climate can be found and even a shop offering home accessories and interior design services.

Rico has a selection of leather goods from shoes and purses to seats for you Harley. He does custom work and can make you a pair of sandals while you wait. Suzanne makes bracelets in her shop. She’s located right next to Mariachis and Tequila. Her mother is a basket weaver and you can see her weaving inside the shop. Did you know basket weaving is seasonal? The reeds need to be soft and pliable or they cut your hands. Once you’ve shopped ‘til you’ve almost dropped stop by Mariachis and Tequila for a delicious lunch or dinner. Authentic Mexican Food and margaritas made right there just for you. See you on the Drive.