As you stroll down Rocky Point’s own “Rodeo Drive”, the artisan crafts of Mexico are evident wherever you look. This area differs from other shopping areas, as many of the artisans here work, and live right in their shops. You’ll find upscale shops as well as cute, low priced, trinkets that are not only made in Mexico, but often made directly in the local shop.

As you stroll this drive, you will see a virtual garden of colorful metal flowers, birds, lizards and more. There are so many sizes and colors to choose from that you can create your own garden and don’t even need a green thumb – no water or fertilizer necessary.

On the western end of the drive, on the south side of the street you’ll find a talented craftsman, Miguel, hard at work, creating the perfect garden for you. From wonderful 8 foot cactus to a complete rose garden. He actually supplies many of the other shops in town. In addition to what he has right there in the shop, if you bring a picture of what you want he can do it for you.

His shop is a work in progress and this year he’s hoping to get the machine to make signs starting with his own shop. His other goal is to complete his upstairs floor for his wife and two beautiful girls.

Don’t miss “Rodeo Drive” and get your shopping fix. With over 50 vendors, great prices and parking what more could you ask for?