What better way to keep that New Year’s resolution of staying fit than to take a brisk walk up and down “Rodeo Drive”, Rocky Point’s own version of a fitness shopping trail. Not only will it give you some exercise but will keep your budget in good shape as well. The artisan crafts of Mexico are in evidence everywhere you look. It really is a taste of ‘Old Mexico”. Upscale to the cute low priced trinket, live right next to each other – and not things just made in Mexico but often made right here in Rocky Point and right on Rodeo Drive.

As the weather grows chilly, how about wrapping yourself in a traditional Mexican style poncho – handmade by Lalo In his shop mid-way through your travels down “Rodeo Drive”. The ponchos are beautiful and stylish, many in Aztec or southwestern design and earthly colors. A perfect addition for this year’s fashions and the desert weather. He makes them right there in his shop you can choose your own colors and style. While you’re there, have him make a matching poncho for your favorite pooch.

Lalo began his career as a beach vendor and has been in Peñasco for 30 years. He lives behind his shop with his wife and three children. Along with the ponchos he also crafts puppets and jewelry. He is a self-taught artisan and can be proud of the way he has grown his business.

With 50 vendors you can find everything from sun glasses to an armoire on the Drive. Great prices and friendly vendors as well as easy parking. Now what more could you ask for. See you soon.