November 13th marked the day of The first “Equine Therapy Event for Rehabilitation and Life Quality”

This event took place on the “Rancho San Jose” Km 76 of the road between Sonoita and Puerto Peñasco.

It was a great success with more than 200 people in attendance. The event was organized by the Civil Association “Corceles del Desierto de Sonora” whose President, Lic. Aaron Perez Nunez and his wife Claudia Lugo Gamez wanted to extend a big thank you to the Community of Puerto Peñasco for their participation. The generosity of the residents of Puerto Peñasco have helped this Civil Association in reaching its goals. The funds that have been raised will benefit children with disabilities whose families cannot afford the therapies. These children will now be able to receive their therapy session week after week.
Aaron and Claudia want to thank the individuals, businesses, restaurants and hotels who supported the cause. They would also like to thank the collaboration and trust of those who didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Knowing the results that this therapy achieves on the children’s rehabilitation keeps the community committed to the cause and this is what makes it possible that this therapies will continue to benefit the children in need.
A message from the Association: “To the parents of our star kids: we give our admiration and love for the trust they have in our association and their great help on making this our first event a reality. We also want to thank the musicians “Grupo Mucian Bragado” for bringing a good atmosphere. And our sincere appreciation goes to the staff and personnel from “Rocky Point Reservations” represented by Mrs. Betty Majors for their enthusiasm and organizational skills.
Finally, we would like to thank the parents of our “star kids” who prepared a wonderful selection of Mexican food as well as participating in the organization”

The Attendees not only had the satisfaction of helping a good cause but were also treated to a nice Mexican party with good music and great Mexican food plus the chance to win one of the more than 80 attractive prizes that were offered in the raffle.

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these special needs children, please contact Claudia at 638-3842 or 638-1391 you can also find it on Facebook: “Equinoterapia Corceles del Desierto de Sonora”