One thing you can count on in August for sure, is that you come to do a little shopping on Rodeo Drive, you can leave your jackets and sweaters at home. It’s a busy month with kids getting ready for school, which is really great this year after being isolated, staring at their computers at home. To relieve the stress, you can always squeeze in a weekend at the beach to regroup and rethink and, of course do a little shopping.

When you do come to Rocky Point your trip isn’t complete without a trip to Rodeo Drive. While you’re there, by all means, stop into Leno’s store. It’s the yellow two-story building on the corner about half way down the drive hard to miss. Once you go inside be prepared to be overwhelmed-in a good way, it’s packed with a wonderful eclectic collection of merchandise they have obtained from throughout Mexico.

So many times I’ve heard people say “OH, all the stores are the same”, not true on Rodeo Drive.  The trick is to go inside and look around. Leno’s has a little bit of everything from furniture to clothing, glassware to metal work you’ll find treasures to be found throughout the store. Something everywhere you look.

Leno opened his shop over 40 years ago. As is true with many of the vendors on the Drive, he began by selling trinkets on the beach, and from what he earned, he first bought the front property on Rodeo Drive, and then as he did better, purchased the lot behind it. Slowly and with years of hard work his dream of having an actual store came true. Upon his passing his children have taken over his store and are doing a wonderful job with it. Because his son actually lives in Mexicali the store is closed one week a month to allow he and his wife to go home. Now you ask which weekend, silly you, we’re in Mexico, but, if you miss them just come back your next trip. After all shopping is good therapy so you can’t really do too much of it.

Mariachi’s and Tequila on the other hand is always open, so stop in for a delicious meal and a frosty margarita.

See you on the Drive.