Rodeo Drive is indeed changing daily. People never cease to be amazed at the never-ending transformation. Great selection of Mexican crafts from jewelry and sandals to fine art and furniture, it’s all right there. And you can often meet the very artisans that made your treasure.

Pulseras y Collares Azul is located on the north side of the street just east of Mariachis and Tequila (where you’ll definitely want to stop for lunch or dinner). Another family business that involves multiple generations, at Pulseras y Collares Azul’s everyone in the family is doing their part. Grandma weaves wonderful baskets made from various parts of local palm trees, mother, Susana Catarino Perez, makes bracelets and custom designed beaded jewelry and, in addition to working in the shop and making bracelets, Dad, Mauricio Federico Siriaco, works as a vendor on the beach. Originally from Guererro they migrated to Peñasco 20 years ago. They settled on Rodeo Drive to open their shop 15 years ago when it was still the “dirt mall”.

Come see us over 50 vendors, great food, great prices, great selection. What more could you ask for.