School is back in session, the weather is about to go into its October perfect mode and then, in the blink of an eye, it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas. When you are visiting Rocky Point there’s no better place to do your holiday shopping and you know it’s never too soon to start, than Rodeo Drive.

You’ll find a fabulous selection of Talavera at Temos’ shop. Plus, beautiful glassware and other decorative items.  Just down the street you’ll find two shops with resort clothing, perfect for our climate at Gia’s shop and Plaza Fabiola. Don’t forget a girl never has too many earrings so check those out while you’re there.

Su Casa and Leno’s have an eclectic variety of items from the cute and funky to the sophisticated and sleek. And Su Casa displays original art by some of the top local artists. Further down the street you’ll find silver jewelry from Taxco and don’t miss Consuelo’s shop, small but tastefully done.

Beautiful metal sculptures from flowers to dinosaurs both raw metal to bright glazed; and leather belts, shoes, and hats, also abound. This is just a small sampling of what “Shopping the Drive” has to offer. The selection is endless. One of the great things about it is the merchandise is made in Mexico and often right in the shop you’re visiting. You’ll meet friendly vendors that don’t chase you down the street!

See you on The Drive.