Well, we’ve waited fifteen months to get permission to reconvene and finally, in June, we got the approval! Unfortunately, August 9th we are back to restrictions, but we had fun while it lasted. Here’s our overview of our organization:

Puerto Peñasco Scouts is a Mexican Non-Profit with two troops: 54th and Lázaro Cárdenas, at the Esperanza Center and the LSM Community Center on 64th and Benito Juárez. We have been in existence for over three years, and we have both boys and girls ages 5-18. Anyone is welcomed to join. We do not have any fees and each child receives a Scout shirt. We fundraise to pay for snacks, activities, materials, and any fees attached to an activity. The LSM Community Center hosts Troop 002 and is a 501 (c) 3 in Arizona as well as a Mexican non-profit. If you donate, we can provide you with a tax receipt for your U.S. taxes at the end of the year.

After finally reopening in June, we started our activities. We were on a roll. Our first activity was a great adventure on the Sierra Tours Party Bus. What an adventure – loud music, flashing lights, neon walls, oh my! Our host Ruben Cordova Jr. stopped and bought all the Scouts ice cream – nothing like a little sugar to amp up the activity! We cruised Peñasco and ended up at the Malecon. We took great pictures and the Scouts got to walk around and enjoy the Old Port. Back on the bus -another surprise- we were stopping to eat at Big Guy Pizza. Thank you again Ruben! What a great time!

Our next adventure was hunting for sand dollars with Nallely Fimbres Soto of YiYi Tours. We went to Playa Encanto beach and set up. We had plenty of volunteers to help with the Scouts. Thank you to Henry and Karen Stewart, Joy Paul, Jan and Prosper Waukon, and Jenny Radigan! Nallely and the Scouts wandered down the beach in search of sand dollars and shells. They all returned with a bag full of good finds. The rest of the time was spent playing in the water. We had snacks, drinks, and a delicious birthday cake, then headed home exhausted.

Our next fun experience was learning how to quill with Y Renēe Shearer and Carolina Smith at The Turquoise Door. These Scouts were so focused and did a great job. They created greeting cards, bookmarks and worked on our Scout logo.

Renēe and Carolina returned two weeks later to a meeting and worked on the logo. It is almost done, and we will proudly display it at the LSM Community Center.

Thank you, Carolina, for the fantastically delicious and beautiful gelatin molds. They want to return in the Fall to teach an art class.

Up next was yoga with Michele Regan! First, we had to explain yoga to the scouts then Michele came and did a fabulous job! Not sure what was more entertaining watching the scouts do the poses or watching Rigo translate – downward dog, breathe from your belly button and the elephant walk!

It was extremely warm and humid in the Center, but everyone pushed on! Michele wants to return when it is cooler! Thank you, Michele.

In August we started a campaign for school supplies for the Scouts and other children in San Rafael. We have collected some money but are also looking for school supply donations.

As of this writing, El Pollo Papago on Av. Constitución 47 (South of Sonora), Avocato Burrito Republic, on Constitución/Benito Juárez across from Waldo’s, Jesse’s Carreta Restaurant on López Collado 101 (two blocks west from Constitución & 47 Nte.), BBQ House de Puerto Peñasco on Guillermo Prieto 33 (Between Blvd. Sonora and Melchor Ocampo), have all agreed to place a school supply donation box at their businesses and drop off some school supplies.

We need all the usual: notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, glue, etc. We will keep you posted on Facebook with this process. We are also on process of updating (catching up) our Facebook page Puerto Peñasco Scouts. Check us out and like our page.

We started to plan a fundraiser and will continue with plans once our restrictions are lifted. What is it you say? Karaoke contest at BBQ House! We want to thank Jesus for stepping up and helping us. Keep your eyes opened for more details, posting on Facebook.

We look forward to returning to “normal” and meeting and planning new adventures for our Scouts. Several businesspeople have volunteered to do an activity or speak to our Scouts – everyone is on hold.

For additional information, contact: Deb Turner on messenger, Facebook or U.S.A. 520-906-3096, Mex. 638-386-8645. Para más información contactar a: Rigo Franco 638-107-3166.