Sunshine. Baseball Stadium. Banditos, Blue Jays, and Scouts! What a wonderful day thanks to the Roger Clyne Charities for a free day of baseball games, and a baseball clinic for the scouts.

Both troops 001 and 002, were invited to watch the games and participate in a baseball clinic. The scouts practiced hitting, base running and outfield catching. Our group was treated to either a free soda or water and each received a baseball glove. Our scouts excitedly cheered for both teams and had a wonderful time. After the games finished, we met the Blue Jays (the winners) and shook hands with all the players.

After the games we went to Little Caesar’s Pizza. The Scouts were hungry after so many activities and had fun getting to enjoy a picnic supper before we took everyone home. Our kids had a great time with the baseball teams.

Thank you again to Roger Clyne Charities for providing such a great day. Thank you to all the teams that played and helped the Scouts learn about baseball. Thank you to everyone who made it possible for our kids to have this experience.

Our troop is in San Rafael; this community is impoverished and struggle to have necessities met. Clean water, plumbing, electricity- these things are not in all the homes in the community. When we meet kids and they join our troop they are given opportunities to engage in Peñasco activities, to see different areas, meet new people. We support our kids; we want them to stay in school (sometimes that is nearly impossible as older siblings are raising younger siblings because the parents are gone) we want them to know and see there is a world out there beyond the stress and fear some of these kids live every day.

Our kids in Troop 002 began participating in the Mermaid’s Market to sell different items so our troop can have activities. Our kids work hard on projects or ideas to come up with things to sell to make money for camping supplies, snacks at our meetings, materials for projects they want to try. We are a nonprofit group and do not have large funding so everything we earn goes back into our Troop. We as a unit support our goals and ideas of what we can try- some ideas work, others have not. It has taught our kids business-type interactions and what to do when your event doesn’t work how you wanted it to- as well as what it feels like when you do Better than expected.

Our troops are open to anyone interested in participating ages 5-18 years old. Our older kids become leaders and help formulate ideas, tweak what doesn’t work and fine tune things to be in the best interest of our kids. We are currently seeking leaders and members- anyone with interest is welcome. For additional info. Please contact Deb Turner (520) 906- 3096 or (638) 386-8645.