Funky to traditional from the smallest accessory to a house full of furniture, sandals, sunglasses, jewelry, ponchos we have it all. Rodeo Drive can brag about their great prices, outstanding customer service and wonderful selection. Now they even have one of the best restaurants in town. Now what more could a person ask for??

As you stroll the drive you see a field of colorful metal flowers, birds and cactus any size any color. You can create your own garden and don’t even need a green thumb. No water or fertilizer necessary. A bit further down you’ll find Rico where I know you’ll want a pair of his custom made sandals. Made right there while you wait or doing the rest of your shopping. Go further down the street for a poncho also made on the spot.

One of the special things about shopping on the Drive is you meet the artisan that made your purchase. Further down is Kokopelli where Francisco displays his beautiful sculpture. Fabiola’s Plaza has marvelous cotton fashions from Guadalajara as well as art and jewelry done right there. Next door is Su Casa with a fabulous collection of home accessories from all over Mexico. Nothing made in China here.
You’ll see Sun glasses, hammocks and talevera as you meander further down the street. Beautiful silver from Taxco even a pharmacy. Don’t miss Consuelo’s on the other end of the street and Eddie Wharez just before the railroad tracks. Now that’s a day’s shopping trip. Ready to relax and enjoy some of the best food in Rocky Point? Stop at Mariachi’s and Tequila, great atmosphere to go along with the great food and by the way did I mention a nice cool drink? Believe it or not they are offering corn beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day. Yep! Right here on Rodeo Drive.