There is a 50’s song that starts out “This is a song that’s sad but true” and the name of it was Runaround Sue. Well, this is not about Runabout Sue, it’s about me. This won’t be humorous but I am writing it to maybe save someone’s life.

This is written Jan 17th 2015 and it all started Nov 7, 2014. I had a total knee replacement on my left leg in Tucson. It was as bad as some said and not as bad as others. I have been recuperating for 2 months, getting around ok, still in a lot of pain but nothing serious. Problem was I got 3 blood clots in my lungs. So they got excited and put me on blood thinners. This has to be regulated so the blood doesn’t get too thin or too thick. All is going good.

THEN my wife said “how long have you had blood in you urine?” I do?

So I watched it for a couple days and it got to be like grape juice. Time to call the doctor.

This was on Saturday so I thought I would wait until Monday before I called.

Sunday we went to a party and my knee not being 100% stable I felt I was tipping over so I reached out to steady myself and broke a bone in my wrist. I hurt all night and didn’t get any sleep and when I called the hospital in Tucson they got all excited. “Get here asap this is dangerous, you could die.” I said that I was coming on Tuesday anyway but they insisted I come right away.

I told Nancy and she said she would go with me but being the Macho Man I am I said no I will be ok.

Natural-Enlightenment-ImageWell I wasn’t ok. I fell asleep 20 miles this side of Sells Az and took a detour through the desert and hit a BIG cactus head on. It fell on the roof of the passenger side and almost crushed it down to the seat. A foot over and it would have gotten me.

They took me by ambulance to Tucson and everything turned out ok. My truck didn’t fare as well though.

I am writing this in hopes that if you feel impaired or your spouse or friend offers to take you, listen to them and don’t try to be Macho like me. Accept their help and the life you save could be someone else’s. I could have crossed over the center line and hit another car and injured someone.

I usually write stories with a little humor in them, but this time I felt this had to be told.

Rocky Point has a lot to offer for fun. It also has designated drivers and Taxi cabs that are cheap. Party, have fun, eat some of the delicious foods that are offered and come back soon.