Summer is upon us – a great time for lazy days at the beach. Guaranteed sunshine, perfect water, sand between your toes. But, once you’ve had enough of all that, a little shopping therapy is in order and what better place than Rodeo Drive. Something for everyone, and that perfect gift for the neighbor that watched your pets and watered your plants.

Real treasures are to be found on the Drive – one amazing “find” is tucked behind Kokopeli and Su Casa. That is where Francisco has his incredible, if small, workshop. You’ll find him there, bent over one of his artful woodcarvings. An absolute master at his craft, he began carving 25 years ago when he first arrived in Peñasco with his family. His love of art started very early. He won his first art competition in the first grade. He was hooked, and knew from that point on that a career in the arts was his destiny. True to tradition, he’s passing the wand on to his son who is every bit as talented. You can see him working alongside his father at the workshop.

Kokopeli showcases and sells Francisco’s work, everything from angels to dolphins to marvelous abstract pieces that demonstrate his depth and feel for the grain of the wood. Many of Francisco’s customers feel his carvings are museum quality.

He has been commissioned to do custom work, everything from carvings of skiers to cowgirls, and does them at “Peñasco prices”. Just bring him your ideas.

This is the beauty of “Rodeo Drive”. You’ll see many local artisans working right there in their shops. It’s so wonderful to pick up a treasure that you know you won’t find anywhere else.

After purchasing that perfect and thoughtful gift, pick up a few things for yourself you deserve a treat! And then grab a great meal and a refreshing margarita at Mariachi’s and Tequila. The mango shrimp salad is the best and the selection of Mexican food and seafood dishes are outstanding.

Great selection, friendly vendors, best prices in town and great food. A trip to Rocky Point isn’t complete without a trip to Rodeo Drive.