In desperate need of some shopping therapy? How about a quick trip to my now favorite shopping area, Rodeo Drive. What a change from just a few years ago! Rodeo Drive (or you may remember it as “Shacks 5th Ave.” or “The Dirt Mall”) has made an amazing transformation from falling down shacks to today’s hot spot.

Parking is easy, pull right up to your favorite store. After picking out a new outfit the next thing you’ll need is a pair of shoes so on to Rico’s. Now, here is a find. One of the great joys of strolling down today’s Rodeo Drive is not only finding those terrific buys that seem to pop up everywhere, but, finding those shops that house artisans who are also craftsmen (or is it craftsmen that are artisans). Stepping into Rico’s small leather shop is just such an experience. He has a gift for turning pieces of leather into a wallet or bracelet or…a pair of sandals…and he can do it as you wait. Or better yet, while you continue browsing up and down the street. After all, with great selection and great prices you might just finish up your holiday shopping while you wait.
You won’t want to miss Kokopelli, Plaza Fabiola or Su Casa right across the street from Rico. They may look upscale but their prices can’t be beat. Not your typical shopping experience. Further down the street you’ll find wonderful jewelry, as well as, “designer” purses and sun glasses. What more could you ask for?
Ba, “Where else could you get a pair of custom sandals made just for you in just 30 minutes.” Rico has been working in leather for over 40 years and is a master, who was taught by his father since he was only 8 years old. Born in Guerro he arrived in Peñasco and opened his shop right here on Rodeo Drive 26 years ago. He and his family live right behind his shop, something you’ll frequently find up and down the street. He makes so many things from leather; cup holders, chairs and can even reupholster your motorcycle seat, he does it all.