family-enjoying-a-christmas-storyThe holidays are coming up fast here in Peñasco. Soon it will be Turkey Day then Christmas and finally New Years.

The older we get the faster they come around. I used to just hardly wait for them when I was a kid (yes, I was one once).

In Montana the fall brought on cold and snow, then hunting season, which usually ended on Thanksgiving weekend. Sometimes it was then that we got our final game.

The anticipation of our children that were always asking “can’t we open just one “, and then assembly required or batteries not included. Remember the Slot Cars and train sets? Put the track together and instruct the kids to take it easy and in five minutes it was broken and the stores were closed? So much disappointment!

For some of us fortunate ones, a white Christmas. Sleigh rides, marshmallows, hot chocolate, skinned body parts and ETC. The kids coming home and gathering around the tree and singing Carols. The smell of dinner cooking when you came in from outside, the gathering to watch the football games on TV, sipping Tom and Jerry’s or hot buttered rum.

Times have changed now. We sit on the beach and soak up the sun, drinking Coronas while we watch the jet skies whiz by. WAIT, I see a snow flake. No, that’s just dandruff off that old Pelican that flew over.

Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe and enjoy.

The Baylor Family