We had a spectacular showing for the 14th Rocky Point Bike Rally. The word is out there that over six thousand bikers showed up for a wonderful weekend with more than perfect weather, a fabulous crowd, and a lot of fun: So many events and so much live music, we could hardly remember it was actually November with balmy 85 degree weather during the day and wonderful cool dry nights that were actually just perfect for the nighttime events. Maybe it was all the bikes that kept the air dry for the entire event.

Thursday night kickoff event was at Roger Clyne’s “third world cantina” “Banditos” with the “Black Moods” from Tempe, AZ playing live on the outdoor stage. Bikes just seemed to keep rolling in all evening long, then the crowd rolled over to Calle 13 from 9pm to at least 2am with “Pachuca Blues” from Tijuana BC.

Friday the bikes rolled to the Pinacate Reserve around 10am and there was a Mystery Poker Run. The “Pirate Cruise” and the Condo Poker Run. Playa Bonita hosted a beach party with “Matt Farris” from Lake Havasu, AZ and the Boo Bar hosted the Black Moods.

Friday night the crowds flocked 13th St. and bikes lined the street double and triple parked on both sides. Only pedestrians and bikes were allowed, as in every rally, but this time the 2 live music stages were set up right on the street. “Calle 13” drew more of a pedestrian crowd; many bikers came in via taxi to allow for ample consumption of the alcoholic beverages, AKA beer and shots, which there were plenty of all 3 days! Some bikers I spoke with stated they left their bikes back at the hotels for safety and some for the safety of their bikes.

Back on Calle 13 the bikers found just enough room to slowly squeeze by and show off their rides and good company, It sort of look like a NAFTA rally with bikers from Mexicali, Tijuana, Hermosillo, Nogales, Mazatlán, and Chihuahua. From the USA California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Washington and Texas and from Canada: Alberta and Vancouver, all together enjoying this great event!

Saturday the main event was at the Malecon, were the whole day bikers rode around, parked all over the boardwalk, partied, did burnouts on the street, threw beads to the ladies, cheered for the best bikes and outfits and just enjoyed the good times, great company, ocean views and perfect weather.

Saturday night brought the big stage to life with bands playing late into the night, Matt Ferris and Mogollon were some of the big names to take the stage and keep the bodies moving to the beat. At one of the bars we had some body painting going on and “Miss Beach Bum” was fully painted from head to toe like a robot “Iron Woman” style and was a sight to see.

There were also events with bands in different bars such as Banditos and Jill’s new bar, ‘South Side Jillz’.

We would like to send a big “THANK YOU” to the organizers and sponsors for putting this event together and, for making sure it gets better every year. I am positive anyone who came to this Rally will sign up for next year’s, because it was such a good time for everyone!