Summer is definitely upon us, but aren’t we fortunate to have our beautiful ocean to cool us down. It’s tough living in paradise. Quick dips in the ocean, a refreshing margarita and off shopping on Rodeo Drive, what more could you ask for??
Just because it is paradise for some doesn’t mean Peñasco is without needs. Recognizing those needs and giving back to the community that has done so much to support us over the years is part of who we are. This month I thought it might be good to make you more aware of some of the unusual things we have to offer at Su Casa as part of that philosophy.
Colorful piñatas have hung from our ceilings almost since the day we opened. The challenged young people in Peñasco make them and, as this is their only source of income, we give back 100% of the sales to them. The smaller piñatas sell for just five dollars and you can order special colors combinations [and shapes and sizes?] for your special event.
We also offer items made by prisoners that are part of the prison ministry of one of the local churches. To say the prison is “no frills” is an understatement. As you know, in Mexico, when accused of a crime you are guilty unless you can prove your innocence. The jail is located north of town and is a harsh environment. Many of these prisoners were the major breadwinner for their families and left wives and children without resources.
Prisoners make charming purses out of gum and candy wrappers that are colorful and unique. These cleverly designed clutches come in a variety of sizes from a small purse for a toddler, change purses and full size purses for women. They have been well received by our customers and make great little gift. Not to forget the guys, there are also leather wallets. You won’t want to miss the beaded alligator key chains, bracelets and wood items either. Money received for these sales go to prisoners’ families on the outside.
Shopping Rodeo Drive is always a treat. You can find unique, handcrafted items all up and down the street. Great prices, outstanding selection. The best prices in town and friendly vendors. What more could you ask for.