I have been pickling and canning for a long time. With the abundance of veggies here in Peñasco, you can let your imagination run wild. Anything can be pickled from Artichokes to Zucchini. Bet you thought I was going to write about something else!

I live in Playa Bonita RV Park where we have met a lot of nice people. One of them is Mr. “A”. He has an open bar at his RV almost every night and everyone is welcome. People would show up with different snacks for “Happy Hour”! Mrs. “P”, from New York, brought Bread and Butter pickles that were to die for. This started a friendly competition with comments and requests for the recipes from a lot of the folks.

I went on Goggle and there were a ton of different recipes so I picked one and tried it. It was called “Dad’s Microwave Bread and Butter Pickles”. I added a sliced Jalapeno pepper for a little extra kick. Only took 8 minutes to cook! Seems everywhere I go now, I take my Bread and Butter pickles and they disappear within minutes! Mr. “A” is the first to grab the pickles and Heaven help anyone else who wants some!

This whole process takes about 2 beers to complete!

When Asparagus is in season it takes 2 bunches to get 3 pints of finished product. Again I Google and pick a recipe that suits me. I also add a clove of Garlic and a slice of Jalapeño (red if possible for color and kick). They will be ready to put into your “Bloody Mary” in about a week. I get the same requests for the recipe and these also disappear within minutes!

This process takes a couple of your favorite libations as well.

Enjoy, you will be the hit of the party! If you email me at irretired04@gmail.com, I will be happy to send you the recipes.