September already, wow! Time goes by so fast, but I have a little lady that keeps emailing me from the Rocky Point Times, reminding me to get my article in for October. She is relentless but boy I need it. There is so much to do I lose track of time, while having a Tecate, playing with my fishing equipment and trying not to do any work. That’s the hard part, trying not to work.

I have submitted quite a few articles starting with “You Should Write A Book” in 2012 and ending with “It’s That Time” in last month’s issue. Some have been humorous and some have been serious. I want this one to be informative.

When we moved here in 2011, we had only been here for a weekend and were clueless where to shop, eat and etc. So many nice people showed us or directed us and we made it a point to use the map in the Rocky Point Times. We drove everywhere. Finding new stores, restaurants, beer stores (important part of trying not to work)! We didn’t know where we wanted to live, as in which section of town, so we tried a few areas. We ended up buying an RV and renting a space at Playa Bonita RV Park in 2014. There are other parks, but we fell in love with this one. I can sit outside my patio, you know, trying not to work and throw a rock to the beach.

We have seen almost everything here but the most important is families having fun. The park management has been doing a lot of upgrades, sprucing things up getting ready for the Snowbirds around October first. The Social Club management has done a complete overhaul, painting, building decks and outdoor seating, new big screen TV and more. We are normally so busy here socially I don’t have much time to drink my Tecate and figure out how to keep from working.

I seem to always shoot myself in the foot. Giving advice, like our favorite eating places, who to see to go fishing, and so on that when I get ready to go, there is no room for me! I make bread and butter pickles, pickled beets and so on. People love them and say I am the “Pickle King” of the park. Then someone wants my recipe and now I’m reduced to the status of a “Pawn” because everyone is making them. There is one thing I’m not telling though, “How to get out of work”!

Hope you enjoyed this article. Go to google and type in Rob Baylor RPTimes.