Tourists by the hordes embark on Rocky Point each year and all with different agendas. Be it partying, sightseeing, shopping, eating or whatever, one pastime is prevalent. Fishing the Sea of Cortez for the monster fish!

I spent all my life fishing and hunting with my Dad starting when I was 5 years old. I spent 6 years in the man’s Navy and when in port or anchored out I never took the opportunity to check out fishing equipment or fished over the side of the ship. There are 100’s of different colored, different shaped fish I missed.

We moved here in March of 2011 and after settling in I went to the Marina to see what it was all about. It didn’t take long (2 minutes) and the Captains were offering to take me out. They had all the equipment so all I needed was drinks and lunch.

Gus, from Shark Boy, was the first Captain. He was very helpful and very concerned for our safety. After showing us how to fish in the Sea, he was kept busy baiting our hooks and taking the fish off. We caught a LOT of fish and when we came back in from fishing there were workers to clean and filet the fish. Good 5 hours out in God’s world! Nice guy, I recommend him to show you a good time.

When I go to the Marina now, Gus always waves or comes over to talk. His boat has been full many times which has caused me to meet and get other well experienced Captains to take us out. They all come over and shake my hand when I go to the Marina just to see what’s going on.

I have seen whales close up, sea lions, dolphins, all kinds of birds, the joy of smelling the sea air and being sprayed with water, which is a bonus at no charge! I have fished with people from all over and I have become friends with a lot of them.

So load up your cooler, grab your jacket and visit the marina on the way to the Malecon to meet some nice hard working fishermen that like Cindy Lauper, “just want to help you have fun!”