When I started the series ‘You Should Write A Book’ it was my first time at writing and I left a lot out just trying to make it fit in the article. If you would be so kind and follow along with me I will try and fill in some spots that were ignored.

If you want to go back and read from the start you can go to www.rptimes.com or google rob Baylor rocky point and find them.

If you remember Old What’s Her Name ((OWHN) and I raised race horses in Montana for a lot of years. I introduced you to the moneymaking business and some of the characters that affected my life.

One I left out was a little dog that entered our life when she was so small she would fit in your hand. OWHN’s daughter Jessica brought it home one day and then decided she was moving to her Dad’s for a better life. OWHN wouldn’t let her take the dog and it changed our life.

I really didn’t want to have a little puppy as a lot of work goes into the training of it and I had my hands full already. That’s when OWHN points out that it is here dog and she was going to do the training. Whatever she says goes and I am to stay out of it. WHOO HOO, no dog piles to pick up and whenever the dogs screws up I would point out that it was her dog. The dog had to have a name so I won out with Squirt cause she was so little. She was Cocker and Scottie crossed and all black.

Soon we realized she was smarter than the average dog. She liked me, took the training well. OWHN would tie 20 lengths of bailer twine together and let the dog wander out and then say” Squirt come”. If the dog didn’t she would reel her in like a fish. She soon learned. She had a five-acre yard (pasture) to run in and horses to chase although the grass was so high they couldn’t see her. Things were going good. Dog goes on the floor and I would remind OWHN whose dog she was and she had to clean it up. COOL.

Squirt rode in the car/truck real good so she went everywhere with us. She especially liked to go camping. She would run off and then check back every half hour or so,lay in the creek and then off again. She really liked skunks too. When she first tried to follow us a crossed the creek she went down stream and got hung up in a logjam. I got her out and I found a five gallon white pail and put her in it to carry her back. I forgot to tell you OWHN and I were skinny dipping and I was naked crossing this creek with a dog looking out of the top of the bucket. Glad no one came along about then.